Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When something comes along

You must whip it!

Well today was quite uncomfortable....all day have had a tingle/burning sensation shall I say where the beans meet the I'm thinking it is in fact a reaction to the AB. Now I have to decide on taking my second dose or not.

Nurse said it can't be yeast since the condition came on that fast. I think it's probably best to move on to plan B....zosyn orally....

Still having trouble eating enough today. Doing my best to eat more at each meal. Have to stretch my stomach in order to be able to eat more...will have a hard time making my 3500 goal today, but I have a few hours yet...

Lung wise, still feel tight...but it is loosening. For a little while this afternoon I was not short of breath. Would be great to get that feeling for a longer amount of time.

I have not started the M3 in over a week, hope it's not dead already. I'm going to try and get her moving tomorrow. Would be nice to grab a SBUX and go for a ride really. Other than the trip to Dr yesterday I have been a hermit....very monk like....

Work on campaign positions and web content continues, it will be nice to have the information out there for everyone. Phone meeting tomorrow evening with team will be interesting.

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  1. Sorry I haven't read in a few days. Glad to hear the SOB is getting a bit better. I hope that continues!!!