Monday, December 7, 2009

Sheldon rules!

Funny watching my favorite show The Big Bang Theory and noticed that the character Sheldon, that people say is based on me was using my favorite fork. Yes for those new to the issue I have a favorite fork, Excalibur....yes I apperently have a little OCD, so stay out of my seat!

I decided to venture out for coffee today in the cold (40ish degrees). A friend and I wanted to discuss the latest campaign issues, so it was as good a reason as any to get my ass moving. It did not go to bad being my first trip out. I made it to the car fine, and car to diner without issue. I did have to sit for a few moments in the car upon leaving though. Hot to cold always bothers my breathing, now more so than ever. So short of it is day four of the new AB and i am able to walk about 15 feet or so with slight issues....going to try to build it back up from here....

I'm doing better at eating, but nowhere near how I should be.

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