Thursday, December 10, 2009


Nothing new to report, the weather has been to messed up for me to go outside. Lungs are not good and I'm not sure yet how much better I can get them. Winter is a bad season to try and stretch myself out in. At least I'm functioning better than the past few weeks lung wise, but my diet sucks. Need to get more foods to add some variety, but I really don't like many foods.

Did a bunch of online shopping while i have been home bound (no im not telling what i bought) and am almost done.

Campaign wise, I skipped a budget meeting tonight. No way was I going out in the cold and wind unless I had to. Dent is up to his normal stupid tricks, today he robo called voters and had an option to call city hall at the end. Nice way to waste taxpayer money and city resources for politics.

Stay warm all!

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  1. Seriously need to kick Dent's ass!!!