Monday, May 31, 2010

Taking a cruise with no O2!

Jim and Amanda (a/k/a The Rock). She has been a huge help to me and Jim. She loves to help him out and he loves having her there!

Me blogging

I started off the day quite annoyed to put is nicely. I have been getting into Jim's room before visiting hours with no problems since all of this started. This morning was different. I gave the woman at the front desk Jim's room number and she gave my my usual generic pass to enter the hospital. AFTER she gave it to me she advised me of the visiting hours. I explained that the past few days I have been able to get in early then proceeded to walk past the security guard. The "security guard" didn't even acknowledge my existence; she was too busy on her phone to care. When I got up to Jim's floor I was told I couldn't go in. Ummmm...I don't think so! She told me I

gave the woman downstairs a hard time and that they almost called security. Jeez! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy there is security in the place but they should have (Chris B. this one's for you) a standardized workflow! They did finally let me in but only after they made me wait! That's my rant for the day...thanks for letting me vent!

Jim had a rough night. The nurse call button wasn't working, he didn't have anyone to help him get to the bathroom and didn't make it there in time. I don't think I need to expand on that.

Dr. Lee told us that things are moving along well, and Jim should keep doing the same thing he has been doing. They may take out the last chest tube tomorrow. Jim was taken off of Diflucan because the doctor believed that was the reason for the nausea. He has not been nauseous since! We are still waiting to know the results of the Xray taken today.

There was a great feeling of releif today when Jim went for his walk. He did one full lap on 2 liters of O2. Since his stats were fine Jim decided to crank it up and go comando! No O2 baby! He did a second lap with no oxygen. We'll be training for that marathon in no time!

The respiratory therapist was in and said his lungs sound a little wet, otherwise ok.

Prior to Jim's transplant my niece, Amanda, and I listened to Jim's lungs with her stethoscope. They sounded like a gurgle that didn't stop. We just listened to him this evening and it is just amazing to hear the difference! No gurguling, wheezing or crackles.

Jim had a late dinner today. Amanda and I did a run and got him a Happy Meal. He ate a fairly good portion of it. His weight is down to 144 lbs. and he is 5'9". He lost about 20 lbs since his surgery. We need to get some meat on his bones!

I was sitting on Jim's hospitable bed, working on the blog while Amanda and Jim were planning Jim's meals for tomorrow. Here was the conversation:
Amanda: "Can you get the English muffin only?"
Jim: "Well, I circled just the English muffin...didn't I?"
Amanda: "But it comes with the Heart Healthy breakfast."
Jim: "Game on!"

Quotes of the day:
"This is going to be my summer of doing lots of sh!t.". This is my FAVORITE quote!!!!
"Maybe when you're back in town I'll exercise your a$$!!" Regarding Amanda wanting someone to work out with.
"I don't want air blowing up my a$$!" said after he was sitting in the chair with his butt hanging out.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet Me at Mary's Place

Slept well last night and woke up with the song Meet Me at Mary's Place (Bruce Springsteen is his favorite) in his head. He then had a moment of WOW and for the first time got emotional about the fact that he received new lungs. I have seen him cry a total of 5 times in our almost 17 years of marriage.

The rash on his mouth, throat etc. are a little better.

Had a some breakfast and his stomach still felt uncomfortable.

One chest tube was removed and one is remaining.

Dr. Ahya was in and said the xray is the same. His Prograph level is at 6.4. While the doctor was listening to his chest it blew my mind that Jim didn't cough like crazy afterwards! The respiratory therapist said his lungs sound good. They are holding off on doing the barium test.

A woman with emphysema on the floor had a dry run for a double lung transplant today. I send much LOVE and STRENGTH to those people I never met. It puts chills down my spine, makes my stomach turn, my body tremble, brings back horrible memories and also makes me realize how blessed we are to get where we are today. TYD&DF!

He had belly pain after eating lunch (turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, chick noodle soup).

Walked one lap around the nurses station. First half with 4 liters of O2 and second half with 2 liters of O2! Both times his O2 saturation level was at 97%!!!! There is a chance that he may be taken off the O2 by tomorrow...let's hope.

He only had pudding for dinner and didn't eat all of it. A few hours later he had a bout of vomiting. Our concern was that he may have lost some of the several medications he took earlier. The nurse told us that when they take blood work in the morning they check specific counts and determine if/how to adjust any of the medications.

Whenever he goes to the bathroom he gets extremely cold. Once he is back in bed for a bit he warms up and is ok. Has this ever happened to any of our CF friends?

Jim's best friend and his awesome wife came to visit and got Jim laughing (ouch because of chest tube). Thanks for coming guys! We love you!

Quotes of the day:
"I feel like a gang-buster this morning!"
"I feel like shit"
"That's discusting and you should be ashamed of yourself". To nurse that gave him to 2 bottles of stuff to drink that tasted like crap.
"The good thing is, my lungs feel good.". Regarding stomach pain.
"Throw that pudding away because I may chuck it at someone". Said after he vomitted.
"I ain't turkey stampin' nothin'. Leave that between you and Bekah!". Inside joke...
"WTF?" After a nurse jabbed him with a shot of heparin.

The quotes are getting better every day!!


Much love,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

No one said that this would be easy

One of the nurse practitioners stopped by this morning and advised us that the people from pulmonary rehab will be stopping by on Monday. Jim's meals today went kind of crappy. He still has issues with swallowing. It hurts because he has a nasty yeast infection called thrush in his mouth and throat. This occurs quite often when people are on high doses of AB's.

He was given antifungal meds. Nystatin and Diflucan, hopefully that will help him. Spicy or acidic foods are out of the question! He also has been getting very nauseous. After breakfast Jim took a little stroll down the hall. He had an anxiety attack when the nurse was trying to get him into a chair after the walk. It took about 20 minutes for him to get focused again.

Dr. Ahya, who is covering rounds for Dr H., came in today. The xray improved again but is still not perfect. Let's just hope that it gets better every day. He believes we are moving in the right direction and in a few days will have one of the remining 2 chest tube pulled. Dr. Ahya also mentioned something called gastroparesis.
If I remember correctly this is something that Dr. Ahya said is common in CF'ers.

Jim also has a painful rash where no man would want one. I'll let Jim expand on that at a later date... They gave him a prescription powder to help with that.

He had a very scary episode this evening. He lost is eyesight briefly and got extremely nauseous. I was on my way back to the room from dinner when it happened. I feel so guilty whenever I am away from his room. Now I feel even worse because I was not with him then! His mom was with him and when I got back to the room his vision was ok but he was still nauseous and scared for quite some time. No one told us this would be easy! The doctors think this is just the way his body is reacting to all of the crazy drugs they are giving to him.

After that settled down the nurse came in and did a dressing change on his PICC and chest tubes. Once she was done Dad and I said goodnight. I will not leave his room at night until I know he is completely settled, calm and he has his ear phones and iPhone in his bed so he can listen to some tunes.

On a fun note:
We had a very special visitor today! Boomer Esiason was nice enough to visit Jim! Boomer was visiting someone in the ICU area that Jim was initially in. Long story, short...its a small world! I have a great picture of he and Jim and will post is as soon as I can figure out how to. Boomer, Cheryl or Roseanne, if you are reading this I wish a quick and speedy recovery to your loved one and thank you so much for taking time to visit us!

No more exceptional quote that I can think of for today.

Thank you donor and donor family!

Moving Right Along! ~ Kermit the Frog

Jim moved to a regular room today and looks great! Heg slept well and is on 4 liters of O2. Still has 2 chest tubes but they are thinking about removing one shortly! He is still having some issues with swallowing and is set up for a barium swallow on Tuesday. For those of you that have never had to drink barium...consider yourself lucky! It tastes awful!!!

"Ready to get up and do my thing."

That's all for now!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Shelly

Jim didn't sleep well last night. They dropped his o2 to 35% (still using the high flow cannula) without the moisture so he said his nose hurt and chest felt like a dessert (not quite sure how that feels...)

Today he is using a low flow regular cannula, at 40% last time I looked. Saturation level is more stable!
Switched many meds from IV to oral.
Late next week will have bronchoscopy.
Hopefully move to a step-down unit tomorrow.
Xray looks even better today!
Dr Lee is happy w/ progression.
Walked about 80' w/ 55% O2.
Breakfast was gross! Some sort of quiche, biscuit and a rubber patty that I think was sausage. *gagging noise*. He didn't eat any of that!
Lunch had mac & cheese and did well. Dinner ate corn and potatoes w/o any issues. We both think it's just a matter of time until his eating will get better. Jeez...he did have a breathing tube down his throat; I think that would make it hard for anyone to eat regardless of transplant.

A group of incredible friends stopped by the hospital today!! Unfortunately they couldn't see Jim but they still came to visit with me!!! They brought balloons, a huge basket of goodies for both of us (I'm taking the good stuff before Jim gets at it), a Starbucks gift card, 2 bottles of wine (for me only, I'm NOT sharing) including a wine glass, and a gift cert. for me to get my nails done. All I needed was lots of hugs and I got them!!!! The girls ordered special t-shirts that say "Team Sheldon"** and they were all wearing them! We went and had a great dinner (at New Deck Tavern) with laughs and then hit SBX. Thank you girls! It meant so much to both if us!

***Brief explanation for the shirts: Jim and I are huge fans of The Big Bang Theory sitcom. Sheldon is one of the geeky, OCD, physicists on the show and his personality is SO much like Jim that we gave Jim the nick name of Sheldon.***

I just found the hook-up for the iPad that connects to my iPhone and will work on posting pictures tomorrow. Thanks for bring them, Holly!

Quotes of the day:
"Alright, let's do it.". Just before he stood up to walk for the first time since the BIG CALL on 5/19!
"I'm quite MORE than meets the eye". This was a reply to a friend that said he looked like a transformer with all his tubes while walking the halls.
"I think this will quickly become my most favorite shirt." Referring to a super awesome t-shirt that friends that visited got for him.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slow and steady

I'm going to try to make this short tonight. Want to get to bed soon. Some great friends are coming up to visit at least me tomorrow since Jim is still in ICU!!!!!

Jim slept well on 50% O2 last night! Much better compared to being on 100% the last few nights.
He was sitting in a chair when I got to the hospital this morning - yippee!!!

Respiratory therapist says lungs sound better and knocked O2 to 40% this afternoon.

He had physical therapy today. And also was given regular food for lunch. Spaghetti, meatballs and green beans. The spaghetti and meatballs gave him the hiccups immediately so he just had green beans. Dinner consisted of a chicken breast rice, some cooked veggies and pudding. He tried the chicken and that didn't go too well either. Jim's favorite nurse stopped by to say hello and she grabbed an Italian ice for him which went down much better. They are trying to restrict his liquid intake so that is why I'm assuming they gave him solid food already. We spoke with another one of Jim's nurses and discussed our concerns regarding the food they gave him so tomorrow should be better. Have any of our lung transplant friends experienced this?

He only took 2 pain pills today. The pain that he is having is where 2 chest tubes used to be. The incision doesn't hurt and looks great! That is one scar that will bring up many stories in the future.

Today was Jim's best day yet!

Quote: "Be a donor, not a receiver" (Jim said this after I told him about an email a friend sent me saying he is renewing his license and will be signing up to be a donor).

TYD&DF! <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is one week since Jim received a gift that will change our lives forever! It is still hard to believe that this is real. I think once we get home
it will kick in. Here is my nightly rundown of

events in the last 24ish hours:

Jim didn't sleep well last night and he was put on 100% O2 again. I am extremely happy that they didn't put a breathing tube back in! They weaned him down today to 45%. I'm hoping that tonight he will rest better and won't need as much supplemental O2. ***fingers crossed*** Anxiety is still an issue. Whenever he hears beeping noises in his room he gets anxious thinking that his O2 level may have dropped. I can't blame him!!

The nurses had him up and sitting in a chair prior to me getting to the hospital today. When he thought the nurses did not come in quick enough to help him he decided he could make it from chair to bed on his own. When he tried his O2 dropped. Yup! The warrior is ready to run before he walks! They got him back up in a chair later in the afternoon and stayed there for about an hour.

2 of his chest tubes were remove and his catheter! Last post I said that he only had 2 left, my mistake...NOW there are only 2 chest tubes left. Thankfully the ones they pulled today were the ones that were really causing him a lot of pain. He said getting those tubes out hurt like hell! Also, the surgeon told Jim that his xray looks slightly better! Baby steps, baby steps...

My dad and I saw one of the helicopters land on the roof of the Silverstein Building at dinnertime today. This is where all of the helicopters land. I tried to envision the medical team walking on the roof with the donor lungs and couldn't help but wonder if that was the same helicopter that transported them. It just blew my mind!

Quotes of the day:
"I don't know if I'd ever do this again." (regarding the surgery)
"He said he didn't like you very much" (Jim's sarcastic reply when I asked him what the surgeon had to say)
"Aww, darn". (yet another sarcastic reply when I told him that we missed the Lady Gaga episode of Glee)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking better and getting stronger.

Jim slept well last night but with 100% O2 again.
Dr H zand Dr Lee were both in this morning but i missed them. I was hoping to be there when they came. I did manage to use my negotiation skill to weasel myself in to ICU before visiting hours ;). Ha, ha!!
The pump for pain has been removed and he is taking oral pain med., Percoset. This change seemed to perk him up quickly.
He is having a hard time keeping his eyes open due to dryness so I have been putting saline drops in them several times a day.
Jim also sitting in chair "position" in his bed but has not been out of bed in a regular chair since the 2nd day of surgery. They are also using a wedge shaped cushion for him to lay on so he can reposition himself at different angles. He is gaining strength...he has been sitting up and adjusting his body with no assistance!!

Dr Lee came in again around 4:00 and said that the lung look a little better from the last xray but here is still fluid that they want to get rid of.
Doc also said that there is some social blood test that they did to determine how much Jims blood is "compatible" with the donors and the test came back perfect!! TYD&DF (thank you donor and donor family)! The lungs are CMV positive. For details heck out

Surgeon is confident that the issue we have going on now is more "reaction than rejection".
"Y" tubes were removed today, this leaves him with 2 tubes remaining!

He should be getting TPN tonight to assist with his nutritional needs.

Quotes of the day:
"I fee a lot, lot better"
"I said blow my nose not pick my nose!" I thought he asked me to adjust his nasal cannula...actually, he was trying to tell me he wanted to blow his nose!
"Nise, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you...give my some damn ice chips!" OK, we're a bit protective of the ice chips but that quote didn't go over too well with me. Doc wants him to be as dry as possible and nurse told me only 3 chips per hour. Don't think this needs further explanation. He did apologize after I gave him the entire cup of cubes and walked out the door. Jeez!!!

Special thanks to:
Bekah for comic relief
All my FB friends for words of encouragement
Mr. K and his assistant Karen with accommodations at the Sherateon Hotel University City.

Here's hoping things are on the upswing!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Type A personality + feeling out of control = major anxiety!!

Math is my least favorite subject but I can tell you this:

Lots going on again. Our goals for the day were to (as per the wipe board on the wall):
1. RELAX! *underlined*
2. Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.

My goal:
1. Continue to reassure Jim that he is safe and the docs and nurses know what they are doing!
2. Don't leave him alone
3. Remind him of the breathing technique they want him to use.

Nurses tried to put an o2 mask on him last night to assist with his o2 need but he kept ripping it off because he felt like he could not breathe. They discussed putting the breathing tube back in but decided against it for now. So......back to using the nasal cannula. Major issue cast night was anxiety.

I saw Dr. Lee today. He is one of the pulmonologists on the transplant team and back up to Dr. H. He said the xray showed something that indicates Jim has reprofusion injury to his lungs. This occurs often when lungs are transported. Think about it...
The lungs had to be harvested from our wonderful donor, flown from NC to PA and then transplanted into Jim. That's a lot of movement! The positive thing about this is that it is not uncommon and eventually the lungs heal with no permanent injury. This is one of the reasons for the supplemental O2 he is getting.

The surgeon, Dr. Pochettino, stopped by and said things aren't perfect but he is happy with Jim's condition. ***sigh of some relief***
He is still having issues with anxiety so they are giving him a bit more Xanax to help him relax. It seemed to help today.

His bowels are are still moving. I must admit, I never in a million years thought is would ever be telling the entire internet about my husbands poop!!

We've established a tag team so that me, Jim's mom and my dad can get rest while knowing Jim has someone with him. Whenever one of us leaves the room for a nap, some food or just a little break, they make sure that there is a back up person in with him.

Today was the first day that I have started feeling human. I had a little nap this afternoon. Ummmmm...the nap wasn't intensional. While the nurse was trying to get an ABG in Jim I almost passed out on the second attempt. I must admit, I felt a little wimpy because of that. I'm usually fine with that sort of thing. Oh helped me realize that that nap is important for me as well as Jim so I will try to schedule one per day. ;)

Jim's quote of the day: This sucks!
It is possible that the breathing tube may have to go back in until the o2 issue is resolved. Prayers appreciated that this will not have to be done!
By the way...I am loving this iPad. THERE! I said it!!!

Gotta run and get some sleep!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


You guys are AWESOME, all of the support and comments are extremely helpful and I'm glad that the blog is also helping others! I haven't read any to Jim for the past 2 days because he hasn't been up to it but he will love to read them later.
********are there any techno geeks out there that can tell me how to post pictures from my FB or iPhone on to this iPad?********

Things are "moving" along.

Jim was doing well until the warm moist oxygen air they have been giving him was screwed up. They bag of distilled water that is used ran out then someone came in and changed it to cold dry air. When he realized the change in O2 he was unable to keep the canula in his nose. That spiraled to his O2 level dropping, alarms going off and Jim getting anxious. The anxiety does not help with the O2 level and caused it to drop more. He also got stabbing pains in his chest and said later on that he thought he was dying (def not the case).
It took him awhile to recoup from that episode but by the end of the night he was pretty calm. I on the other hand was tierd and had zero patience by the end of the day. I said goodnight to Jim and then at that point I just wanted to get back to the room and it coun't go fast enough! When we got back to the room I headed downstairs to the lobby to have a little alone time. Talked to my brother and then decided that I needed me time and had a glass of wine at the hotel bar. That was the first time I ever sat at a bar alone. Well...not really alone... I was chatting with friends on FB and texting some other friends for some comic relief...thanks guys!!!!!
I called the Hosp when I woke to check on Jim. He had another rough night. His nurse told me that he thought it was 1969 (his year of birth) and that there were people in his room. The nurse continued to tell me that it is expected with patients that are in ICU. Sleep deprivation, meds and overall stress on his body is the cause. When I got into his room he was sleeping! Yippee!!!! AND...his bowels are a movin'!!!
Dr. H the pulmonologist came in and continued to reassure Jim that he is doing good. Doc said he gives Jim a B on the progress trail. Jim slept for a majority of the day but we then tried to keep him awake so he can rest well tonight. He got a "dinner" try that consisted of orange jello, a vanilla Mighty Shake, some ginger ale and some sort of "mystery" broth.
Oh, our fellow CF family will appreciate this...! The respiratory therapist came in to give him his "treatment". As we know treatments typically mean hours of nebulizers and the percussion vest. This "treatment" consisted of...get this.........2 puffs on an inhaler! They also gave him a pint of blood today and yesterday to assist with his O2 levels.
About to leave him now but he doesn't want to be alone. He is afraid to sleep without someone in the room. We are reassuring him that he's got the best nurses and doctors and they will not let anything bad happen to him!
And just so you guys know, I had a nice nap this afternoon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking and doing better!

Today is a better day. Dr. H (jim's pulmologist) stopped in and said things are looking better. :). I know all of the prayers and positive vibes are helping tremendously...thank you!!!

Jim pooped this morning! Yea Jim!!!! They are allowing him to have some watered down Gatorade. Jim said it's almost as good as Rita's.
Amanda is being an AWESOME help to both of us!!!! She jumps in and helps him do his breathing exercises and feeds him his ice chips and now Gatorade chips.

Jim quotes of this afternoon:
"Feel like night and day compared to yesterday. Hopefully on the upswing now."
"It's really starting to sink in now.". Pertaining to getting new lungs.

That's it for now. Stay tuned...

Love you all!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Laxatives do you like that title???
I'm finding it hard to concentrate now so will just write and see what comes out...this should be fun!
Speaking of coming out...the docs are working on getting the air out of his stomach by first stool softeners (oooohhhh), and enemas (ahhhh)......Basically, they are trying to get him to pass gas and/or poop. :). He is NPO and not too happy about that but docs don't want anything else going in if things are not going out.
I talked to the nurse this afternoon and she explained that the extra air in his stomach is causing his diaphragm to push up against his lung. In turn, this is not allowing his lung to expand the way it should in order to get the o2 he needs. I'm not sure if it is causing pressure on one or both lungs*** I need to look into that! Last night he was on 100% o2.
On a good note, they were able to reduce the amount of o2 they are giving him twice today. That's a good sign that he's lungs are doing their job but not enough to remove the supplemental o2. We want him to be able to walk out of Penn without the need for it!!!!!! He also got 2 of his chest tubes out.
I really need to get to sleep...thanks for your prayers and the words of wisdom from our CF family! You guys are AWESOME and wouldn't be able to go through this without all of you!!!!!!
Keep they prayers etc coming!!!!!!!

Bumps in the road...

Amanda and I arrived at the Hosp at noon. One of the docs was talking to him and Jim didn't look too happy. He had a rough night and did not sleep. His oxygen level is low so he was on 100% oxygen last night. He is still on oxygen but not as much. It's hard to explain but doc said his stomach has some air in it and it is causing his lungs to get less O2 in them. There is also a problem with the arterial line that he has in. They are removing it and working on putting another arterial line in right now. Very painful procedure:(
They will be deciding within the next 24 to 48 hrs if they want to do a bronchoscopy (also painful) and possibly put the vent back in (not fun)!

On a good note he was sitting in a chair and is still getting 2 tubes out.

He is still in ICU and not sure when he will get out based on the bump in the road. Some people asked about letters etc. As of now I can't provide an address. If you want to send something to the house we have people checking the mail for us. If you need the address please send me an email. I do not want to post our address on he net. Email address is

I read all of my blogs and all of your comments to him last night and he really enjoyed it!

Prayers and good vibes please!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a day!

Where to start!?
I'm super tired so anything I type may not make sense or be spelled properly! Got to bed at 3:30 a, tossed and turned for at least an hour and finally fell asleep with the help of my little friend, xanax. Woke up at 9am.

Oh...the last post I sent should have gone out awhile ago. Whatever...

Last night when Jim was knocked out I told him "we did it, you got your lungs and did GREAT". I was blown away when he moved his head acknowledging that he heard me!!!!!!! I also told him about all of you guys praying and sending good vibes, he nodded his hesd again!

We freaking' did it!!!!! Made it through the grueling DAYS of testing and here we are!!!! Unbelievable!

Donor family and donor, I am sure that words cannot express the sadness that you are feeling right now. From the deep depths of my heart and Jim's "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!". We will be living a life of NO treatments, no vest, and more time to do whatever we want to at a moments notice! No more lugging oxygen, portable machines and so many other opportunities that we would not have if it weren't for you.

Random "stuff" that went on today:

My dad, Jim's mom and I got to the Hosp this morning and snuck in just before visiting hours started. :)
Jim's dad and his friend got there in the afternoon (I think it was in the afternoon).

Spoke with surgeon briefly this afternoon (again...I think it was in the afternoon) and he is happy with Jim's progress! Wahoo!!!!!!!

I didn't get my training for my 5k in but I done give a =#%~¥! Plus, I think I clocked in at least 5 miles from running all over this huge hospital!

Dad and Jim's mom left (dont remember when) and Jim's dad left soon after while my niece Amanda was on her way. We were told visiting hrs were until 8:00 but stayed until we got some odd looks. ;)

Amanda and i are at the hotel now after a late night stop to WaWa for some grub.

Received email from Jim's CF nurse (Paula) and she said that she even contacted Jim's CF doc in China to tell him the great news.

Alrighty...gotta get my butt to bed? Hope this made sense. Will post pics when I get home.

Thanks everyone!

Piper, you were the FIRST person Jim talked about when I saw him this morning. We've got fingers, toes, puppy paws and all kinds of stuff crossed for you!!!!!!

Good night and Merry Christmas!!!!!

ICU do you see me?

Corney title but Jim wanted it...
Sitting here with him now. My dad and Jim's mom stayed over night and left around 2 hours ago. Jim's dad and friend left after we saw Jim last night and returned this afternoon. Amanda, our niece is here now and she is super stoked!

Visiting and looking great!

We saw Jim for a bit last night and he looked great. With him now. He got the vent out about an hour ago which is great that he was good enough for that to happen. He can't really talk much but is whispering. It's finally hit me that this is real!!!!!!
I'll keep everyone posted as much as possible!

Morning after surgery. Dr. H and Jim

Me and Jim
Jim and his dad
Jim and Amanda

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surgery is done!

The celebration pictures. Surgery went well!

Just spoke with the surgeon and everything went well! There were minor amounts of adhesions which is completely normal for cystic fibrosis lungs because of constant infections.
He will be coming to ICU shortly and we will get to see him in about an hour. He will have 6 chest tubes and is on a ventilator. Don't know how long vent will be in, it depends how Jim does.
Lots of tears but they are of JOY and not disappointment this time!!!
Thank you everyone for the prayers and good vibes! And thanks to my FB friends for keeping me entertained and laughing!
I still cant believe this!
Love you all!

Dr. Pochettino (our hero)
Jim's surgeon