Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another long day of testing done

Well we made it through another day of pre-transplant testing. I'm worn out today from all the walking around (columbia Presbyterian is a huge complex), and the exercise stress test was really tough.

Everything went well, the meeting with the psychologist was fine, but the joker in me kept wanting to ask him why any of it was his business.....and when he asked if I have ever done coke I wanted to say....why you got any?...LOL, but I kept my jokes in control and made it through. The only question that shocked me was he asked if I ever used anabolic steroids which I thought was a very odd question to ask. I guess because they knew I was a bodybuilder he was checking to see if I was being truthful.

The social worker was cool and yet again pointed out the cost and lifetime commitment needed for transplant. When going through transplant it seems everyone always points out the costs. It makes me wonder who in the hell says to themselves, I'm dying but maybe I better not choose life saving surgery because it costs money now and in the future.

I'm almost done with my second week of a three week course of IVs (Merrem and Tobra) and am feeling better. No way could I have gotten through yesterday if my health was like it was a few weeks ago.

Things are looking up, I'm going to send a message to Columbia to see when I could expect to be listed.


  1. hahaha, my fave federonko story came from a retired cop who has been the "back up" for my last few dry runs with me. he said during his interview federonko asked him if he used illicit drugs and he said no, never. and then federonko was like "never? as in, never never?" and he said never again and explained he had been a cop since age 20 or whatever and would never risk his job to do pot. and federonko was all "well, can't cops get away with it? didn't some of your friends on the force do drugs? didn't you at least try it once?" hahaha. tool, tool, tool.

    i think he's more willing to trust CFers when we say we didn't do drugs growing up, etc, since we already knew we had a serious health issue. but i loved how indignant this cop was at being questioned so thoroughly about drugs. seriously, dr. f, if you don't trust someone just say so -- don't go insulting their profession!

    glad you'll be on the list soon!

  2. I deleted my comment by accident....

    If I remember correctly I was saying that I told Dr F almost exactly what you said piper. I have worked so hard my whole life to stay healthy and wouldn't do anything to jeapordize it.

  3. Congrats! I am glad you felt up to all that testing :) I am with you two. I have never smoked anything!

    At a job interview they asked my husband if he had ever smoked marijuana which he hasn't. . .they just couldn't think that was possible and figured he was lying and he did not get the job~ some people just think everyone tries everything at least once :)