Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Offer of Lungs

It's Denise.
We are on our way to Univ.of Penn.
Don't know for sure if this is the "real deal" but hoping it is! Trying not to get excited but it's hard. Both of us are feeling like this is it...
We have an app't tomorrow at Columbia and Jim has his iPad so we're think g this is a good thing. We are almost in Lansdale. Positive vibes and prayers please!


  1. Go James!!! I Hope this is the REAL DEAL!!!

    Jerry (jfnym)

  2. Great news! I hope this is it! I'll be thinking of you both!!!

  3. Keeping everything crossed for you!!

    Will & Vicky Cramer

  4. Hoping and Praying for you. Please let us know when (I didn't use if for a reason) he goes it to surgery.

  5. Please, Please, Please keep us posted :) I hope with all my being that this is "it".

  6. I hope that this is the real deal for you! Soon you will be breathing with ease!