Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting the word out

We are still very busy getting ready for the poker run. It is getting bigger and bigger each day and I am so amazed at how giving people have been. Please go on to Facebook and "like" our page, tell all your friends and ask them to tell their friends too! This evening we met with one of the guys from the local radio station , WZZO, that will be sponsoring our Steel Horse Poker Run

We also found out that the
video clip. and
article in our local paper was posted about Jim's tx and the event. (pretty cool, huh?)

We have also been busy with living life! Here are some fun pictures of the past few weekends. The first picture is of my friend Holly (Team Sheldon member) and I from the Alex's Lemonade Stand carnival with the real Scooby Doo! 2nd picture is of Jim and Shannon (Team Sheldon member) and the 3rd picture is a group of friends at a party we were at.

That's all for now. More fun stuff to follow, I'm sure!

Thank you donor and donor family! xoxo