Thursday, February 10, 2011

Radio active eggs, again.

Trying to make t is a short one. I don't like typing on this iPad. :/
Today consisted of a gastric emptying study and an MRI.
He had to eat radio-active eggs for the gastric study and pictures were taken of his stomach periodically to see how fast the food moved through. The test showed that he is having an episode of gastroparesis. With that diagnosis the doc's recommended at he try a med called Domperidone. Domperidone was pulled from US shelves so we have to purchase it from Canada. Apparently this med is safer than taking the Reglan that I mentioned in yesterdays blog post. He had an MRI this evening and hopefully we will have the results of that early tomorrow.
His diet has been advanced and he does have a bit of pain after eating. They took him off of the Dilaudid (IV pain med) because the last dose he received put a large welt on his arm where the site of his IV is. They are giving him Oxycodone orally in place of it.
Almost forgot. The doc told us today that when we came in Tues. the doc was concerned that it may have been "catastrophic". Thanks for not sharing that info until today doc...i appreciate it but if it happens again I may not believe that the "rapid response" is "procedural".
Hopefully we will get out of here tomorrow!!


  1. D.omperidone is REAL GOOD!
    In Holland we have it and I take it since my stomach stoped working after my 2nd TX.

    I hope you can get it soon.
    If I can help providing it or something, please e-mail me, maybe I can help?

    allmylungs @

    Hope you guys can check out soon!

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