Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Friday night:
We went to a CF Gala called The Finest Event, Top 20 Under 40. The event honored 11 people that raised at least $1,500 for CF!


Jamie and Shane Remaley spoke about the CF battle they are fighting for for their son Radek. Radek was named the Child Ambassador for the event and is quite a doll!
I met Jamie this summer when I found out she was having a fund raising event for Radek inBethlehem, PA. Later on we found out that my brother knows Shane...small world!

We went to an event that is held yearly in downtown Bethlehem called Doggie Days. There is a dog costume contest, dog parade, dog games and vendors selling anything from homemade pet treats to grooming services. Jim and I helped judge the costumes and boy it was tough! There were almost 200 dogs to judge.
Barb and Holly from Team Sheldon with Holly's dog Harley.

Owner look-alike

Cruiser, my brothers Bichon Frise.

Chester and his owner and my friend Chris. Chester is a mixed breed and is super sweet!

This dog was awesome and won for "Most Scariest". He didn't move at all.


A Grenadier mascot copied from Liberty High School Grenadier Band.

This guy was adorable. His owner made this Philly Phanatic costume. He won for "Most Creative"

Barb with a big smile after purchasing some chocolate from one of the local shops.

Jim probably on Facebook talking to one of you...

Saturday Night:
We headed over to a friends house for a party. I got to see several ex-coworkers from Guardian. It was so great to see everyone!

On a health note...
All is well. Jim still gets a dry cough and vomits every once in awhile. Dr. H says it's partially due to his hernia and diaphragm issues and is normal.

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That's all for now folks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Right about now...

...5 months ago, Jim would have been in surgery getting his new PRISTINE lungs put in place!

He went from looking like this:

To this:
within 5 months. How freaking amazing is that???!

5 months and a day ago was just an average day in the Fahr wondering when the real call would come, worried about how long Jim would be able to live the way he was...constantly on O2, coughing and gasping for air.

Jim summed it all up today when he said "Dreams do come true!" And check it out, these numbers don't lie:

To sum the above up...his lung capacity has increased by 3% overall!

Dr. H showed us the difference between his CXR from September 28th to the one he got taken today and those new windbags look amazingly better and more defined!
Dr. H also showed us a pic of his new lungs just after transplant surgery. They were very cloudy and undefined because of the PGD issue. Thankfully we did not see that picture back then! So I guess you could say that Jim and his new lungs are getting along just fine.

Last week Jim went to the dermatologist because of the spot that he has had on his chest for a few months. Originally our family doc though it was a fungal infection and told him to put Mometasone cream on it which didn't help at all. The dermatologist decided to take a few hair follicles that were on the spot and then scraped some of the skin off and sent it to be tested.

It will take about 2 weeks to see if any type of infection or fungal growth is found. If all is clear then they will do a biopsy. It is doubtful that it is a fungal growth since he is already on an anti-fungal med (v-fend) for the aspergillus that was found in his last bronch.

"I should have been dead so may times over in my life. Do you know how weird that is?"
"I'm stoked!" Jim - regarding his PFT and xray results.

All of this would not have been possible without the help from Jim's donor and his family...thank you!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prednisone Munchies

I didn't plan on blogging tonight but took these pictures and thought they needed to be shared.

Jim does the grocery shopping now so he made sure we were stocked up for when the trick or treaters come for Halloween.
Too bad that we've only had one trick or treater since we moved here in 1998 and it was our next door neighbor. So, basically, Jim gets the candy for himself saying that he wants to make sure the "kids" have candy when they come on Halloween. Tonight we came home from dinner and he had what we like to call "the Prednisone munchies."

Here he is with his 3.33lb bag of Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps, Sweet Tarts and Nerds.
You can tell that he's an only child based on the note he puts on "his" candy. Too bad for him that with me coming from a family with 2 older brothers, notes mean nothing! If there's food in the house, whoever gets to it first wins. My saying is "You snooze, you loose." Amanda and I like to purposefully eat the strawberry Laffy Taffy because that's his favorite!

All is well here. Jim has a little bit of a dry cough that is completely freaking me out. He's been waking up at night coughing too. Jim mentioned it to his transplant coordinator and she said as long as it's not a productive cough that he should just make sure he stays hydrated. If he becomes congested he should use Mucinex and if he develops a productive cough Dr. H wants him to use Cayston or Tobi via nebulizer. All day he has been fine with no cough so I'm thinking it may be allergies.

That's all to report right now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 41st Birthday!

41 Years Young!

And they said he wouldn't live to be a teenager...

This year called for 2 cakes!

Deep breath in...
He blew those candles out like no one's business!

Amanda, (a/k/a) The Rock rocking some birthday hats (looks like Lisa from the Simpsons)

We had a great day yesterday! It was Jim's 41's birthday and also a celebration of a new life with new lungs and all sorts of new possibilities!

First there was a party with the campaign staff. They got eclairs (his favorite treat) and sang happy birthday. It was so thoughtful of all of them and very much appreciated! If you guys are reading this "thank you" from both of us!

We then had a birthday party for him with the family at our house. After the birthday party we went to Sand's casino in Bethlehem and saw Southside Jonny, one of Jim's favorite old-school New Jersey bands. We then met up with a group of friends and had a birthday toast at St. James Gate; a really cool Irish pub at the casino.

We constantly compare how things were just 4 months ago compared to now. I was walking around the casino and saw a man sitting at a machine with an oxygen tank. I brought back thoughts of sadness and fear along with pure joy that Jim no longer has to drag extra equipment nor does he have to make sure he is home in time to get a treatment in. The casino was very smoky but once we got into the no smoking area it was much more tolerable.

So, things have been moving along smoothly with no complaints. The first 3 months were hell (to put it nicely) but's just amazing (which is an understatement)! Jamie, thank you for all your words of wisdom, you are sooooo right! Things are amazing after transplant!

As ALWAYS, thank you to our donor and his family for allowing us to enjoy life.

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