Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday update

Fair warning to all, I plan on documenting things in my own terms (no points for spelling or grammar), some things will not be pleasing to all and quite upsetting to some....I apologize up front to any who are offended...

Well as most anyone reading this already knows I have not been feeling well of late. Today is day 5 of taking the antibiotic (AB) Doxycycline. Doxy is not one of my favorite AB as it causes me quite a bit of nausea and makes my asthma act up considerably. It was chosen simply because I rotate between three oral AB and Doxy was next up in my rotation. Since I'm allergic to many of the available oral AB my choices are really limited. Tuesday morning (11/24) thanks to some vigorous coughing and Doxy's nauseating effects, I vomited up a bunch of junk (some blood streaked mucus, but no real blood), but have been able to keep it all down since then.

The good news is that the excruciating pain I have been experiencing since Monday night has reduced to a dull ache. It was weird, I was sitting in a scheduling meeting at Callahan's headquarters and breathed in, next thing I knew there was a searing pain all around my middle. After that every breath had to be shallow or I would get shooting pains circumferentially around my chest cavity and up my spine. Luckily the meeting did not last long. Considering I usually live on bronchodilators and Advil anyway (along with 3 other oral meds) the pain made me add Percocet to my daily mix of meds. It's a good thing I can stop taking the Percocets now (really only took a few anyway) because its too easy to get hooked on those things. I use them sparingly since addiction runs in my family.

I have my normal check up with Dr Fiel (CF specialist)on Tuesday, so we will see what happens then. I'm quite sure I will need some IV ABs for a few weeks to get things moving in the right direction. I have been pretty bad with my calorie intake and know my weight is way down too. Shortness of breath coupled with reduced weight usually equals IVs. I have been keeping the Diabetes in control though!...LOL

I hope to feel better before the President comes to town next week....

Well enough for now.....


  1. All sarcasm truly amaze me. Your ability to stay positive while dealing with pain, nausea, etc is so inspiring. Regarding your weight, eat a sandwich please! Or two. It's Thanksgiving; you've got to have leftovers to eat. I'm sure it's hard with the nausea, but do what you can. Kudos for keeping the Percocet usage to a minimum as I've heard they can become quite addicting. Good luck at your appointment on Tuesday, and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Since I don't like talking about it all much (because it bums people out) I figured blogging would be better!

    Seriously it touches me to realize how many people really care about what's happening to me. I figured none of us (or very few) have gone through this experiance, so documenting it might be a good idea.