Saturday, April 20, 2013

2 years and 11 months post-tx!

Sending HUGE amounts of love and thanks to Jim's donor and his family for their selfless gift to allow all of this to happen!  Today has been 2 years and 11 months since they lost their loved one.  I can only hope that they know how much they have changed the lives of so many people. <3 span="">

Again...if you don't hear from us things are going fairly well.  Jim is still having issues with his stomach as I mentioned in the past.  His MRI & lab work show:
  • cirrhosis in his liver so we are working with a nephrologist on that.  His bilirubin level is high. Bile duct of his liver is narrow and may require biliary stenting.
  • Kidneys are not filtering properly and he needs to focus on hydrating.  He hasn't been doing very well on the hydrating portion of this.  His urine looks like apple
On a better note, we are living a much more "normal" life.  Spending time with family and friends and doing, for the most part, whatever we want.  Couldn't say that a few years ago. 

Here are some things that we have enjoyed since I last posted:

I've been training for the DASH for Organ Donation Awareness 5k tomorrow.  If you'd like to donate, here's the link for our team.  Our team every year has been growing and that is so cool and extremely humbling to Jim and I.  As of now we are at 1,320 raised.  Our team goal is $2,000.  

There are a few days every year that I always look forward to.
All of these days remind me of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken from anyone.  

The last few months in pictures:

We participated in Wreaths Across America.  

Jim's dad, Jim and I: 

Ice, one of our dear friends and a Vietnam vet:

 My brother is the second guy from the left:

I ordered a bunch of these para cord bracelets and a keychain from a post transplant friend.  If your interested here's her blog.

Attended an event for the Fisher House:
My sister-in-law, Jan, and may friend Diane: 

 Celebrated my birthday with  friends:

 Celebrated another Christmas together:

Michelle, Me, Kir and Holly

 Played the "guess your blood sugar game":
Me and Michelle

 Acted silly:
...or at least I did.

 Had a New Years Eve party:

Allie, Shannon, Rod and Vonnie
Josh and Kirsten
 Mattheu, Kir and Josh

Laura, Neal and Kirsten

Mattheu and Michelle

Took a vacation in Florida:
Me at a winery!

Jim relaxing at the resort

Jim in his happy place.  Yankees spring training in Tampa

Doing agility with Doolie:

Crazy hail storm...

That's all for now.  I'll try to post pictures of the DASH.

If you want to get ahold of us we are on Facebook.