Friday, November 4, 2011

I know where I've been

These videos are from the Poker run. My friends daughter, Hailey Carson, sang "I know where I've been" which I thought was a great pick on her part (thanks Hailey!). She also sang the Star Spangled Banner and last but certainly not least is a video of the motorcycles headed out for the ride!!!! I can't wait to cheer on the riders next year!

The Friday after the event we attended a Masquarade Gala called The Finest: Top 20 under 40. Jim was one of the honorees for the event. He had a really nice speech that I have to figure out how to upload yet. It's too long so I need to split it into 2 files, somehow...

Barb wore some really cool shoes so I had to take a picture of them!

As usual, thank you to Jim's donor and his family!

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