Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy with some very cool things!

Welp, today is Jim’s 16 month transplant anniversary. As usual, all day I thought about where I was and what I was doing 16 months ago. What a journey! Jim will be going in mid-October for a follow up appointment to get his PFT’s checked and to touch base with his pulmo and tx coordinator. He is due for a bronch shortly and hopefully there will be no signs of rejection or any sort of infection.

Vacation was awesome! The weather was in the 80's and sunny every day. It stormed one night while we were sleeping which was nice and relaxing.

We went to the beach just about every day and the days we weren't at the beach we went shopping! One of the nights we went out for a nice dinner for our 18 year wedding anniversary. That's where the above pictures are from.

We saw some of the devastation from Hurricane Irene. We tried to get down to the sand dune (click here for the sand dune story) that I really wanted to climb but were stopped at a bridge by Cape Hatteras. The bridge was stable but after the bridge you could go only about 5 miles and then the road broke. The day we took the ride down was the same day that they were allowing people back to check out what belongings they had remaining after the hurricane.

The wild horses showed up on the beach right next to our truck and scared Amanda. She jumped in the car (wimp). I was sitting in the back of the Jeep and they walked right up to me. They looked very young and were beautiful!

The dogs loved the ocean as usual and were both pooped every night. Near the end of the trip Dharma started to get sore and cranky and got a bit aggressive with Abby. Dharma is 12 and we are hoping to have her with us next year but not quite sure if that will happen.

We’ve been quite busy lately. We decided to do a poker run to raise funds for the CF Foundation. The event will start at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA. People will take their motorcycles or cars and go to designated spots within the Lehigh Vally and pick up a token (little green army man, close pin etc). Once they hit all 5 stops they will return to SteelStacks and will be given 5 playing cards. The top 3 poker hands will get a cash prize along with an award. We named the event Steel Horse Poker Run. The event seems to be growing every day! We’ll be having a tricky tray (a/k/a Chinese auction), a silent auction and cash raffle. We will have a DJ in the morning and a band when everyone returns from the run. Also, even if you’re not riding, you can stop by and purchase a hand! Here’s the website that my brother did for more details: It’s going to be a great time and I hope if you’re in the area you can stop by and enjoy the fun! One of my Facebook friends, who’s daughter has CF will be coming out to meet us, I’m really excited about that! Here is her blog.

Thank you to Jim's donor and his family for letting enjoy such an amazing vacation!

If you are not an organ donor and would like to be one please click here and know that you'll be changing someone else's life along with their friends and loved ones just like us!