Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey, what do you know, he never coughed!

Today was a good day. I planned on clearing out some of the grasses that have been taking over one of our flowerbeds. I started, got a few pieces out and then decided to get help from Jim. I made sure he had a mask on while swinging the axe and he stayed in the shade away from the rays. This typically would have taken me at least 3 weekends and I may have not even gotten completed if I were the only one doing it. We hammered this clearing out in 3 hours. I continue to be amazed by everything Jim is able to do. There was a moment (when I was sitting and watching) that I was just waiting for him to cough like crazy after swinging the axe. I cringed inside thinking about it...
Hey, what do you know, he never coughed! Of course, I had to take video of this

Oh, the roof is done too! Next week will be new siding and landscaping and Thursday is when the cleaning person starts! Life is good!

If there are any wives out there reading this who's husbands have CF please send me a message ( with your email address if you are interested in being involved in a CF Wives support page. I wish I knew these girls years ago!

Thank you to Jim's donor and his family for the selfless gift that allowed to enjoy this day! I wish Jim's donor could see how he has helped us.

Please click here to become an organ donor.


  1. I don't think I've seen the outside of your house before. Love brick houses... nice!

  2. That was a wonderful site but them are defiantly yank white legs :)
    Love you'll