Saturday, May 7, 2011

Normal's been awhile since I blogged and even longer since Jim has. I figured I should probably post something even though things have been, dare I say, normal lately. Last night we went to First Friday in Bethlehem. I've been wanting to go to it for years but Jim was in no condition to walk around. But now...totally different story! We had dinner at an Italian restaurant on one end of town then walked several blocks checking out the different stores. Just another milestone in post-transplant life.

Jim's one year transplant anniversary is fast approaching and we already have plans to spend the time in Atlantic City with a 2 night comp room at the Taj!

There really isn't much to say. Things have been great!

Here are some new pictures from the celebrity bartending event last month. More to follow...

As usual, thank you to Jim's donor and his family for allowing us to enjoy the little things in life! here to become and organ donor!

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