Monday, April 18, 2011


Sunday was a day of celebration for some and bittersweet thoughts of loved ones for others. The mixture of people that attended the DASH was anywhere from transplant recipients, friends, families, healthcare workers, donor families and friends and people walking or running in memory of a loved one that is no longer with them.

This is a view of just the 5k runners.
There were over 7,000 people total. 1,446 did the 5k and 809 did the 10k.

Me and Michele before the run:
I used to work with Michele and her mother (Fran). Michele, her dad (Ron) and I were each others support systems when Jim and Fran were waiting for their transplants. Fran had an intestinal transplant just before Jim had his double lung transplant. Sadly, Fran passed away not long after her transplant due to complications. Transplant is a crazy thing but I have to say that I have met some wonderful people out of all of this craziness. Meeting Ron and becoming better friends with Michele is just one example.

Michele with Ron and her beautiful daughter, Matilda:

Thankfully it didn't rain but it was cold and windy so we kept warm in the Jeep until it got closer to race time.

Jim with Michele's little girl, Matilda:

Reaching the finish line:


Me and Michele after the run:
We did it girl!

We were lucky enough to bump into Jim's transplant coordinator after the race.

As a right of passage, Jim did the steps at the art museum!
Jim would have never been able to do this before his transplant. He wouldn't even had been able to go from the car to the museum without struggling with the oxygen compressor, coughing and resting in between. Funny but there are still times when I am walking that I look back because I think I'm walking too fast for Jim. Then I realize that he is either ahead of me or right next to me. It completely blows my mind every time!

Thank you donor and donor family for again giving us the chance to enjoy another day together.
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  1. YAY!!! Great run Denise and great job on those stairs Jim!