Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrity Bartending

Tuesday was the Celebrity Bartending event at Starters. It's safe to say that everyone had a good time!

Bartenders: Mike, Tracy, John (13 year post-liver transplant), Ralph, Jim, Stu and Dennis. Thanks again everyone!

I will have more pictures shortly!

Together with some great friends and family we made a difference! Thanks to Starters for allowing us to come out and use the bar to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. Total fundraising for the night was over $600 with most of the money coming from tips alone! And about 6 or 7 people signed up to be organ donors! At the end of the month I will find out the total amount of donations that were received from the Dine to Donate program. So, any local people that plan on going to any of the Starters location in the month of April, please print out this voucher and give it to your waiter/waitress and a percentage of of your food purchases will go toward my fundraising. Next year we will make the event BIGGER and BETTER!

By the time we got home from the event Jim's legs were extremely swollen and sore:

Thursday we attended a cocktail party to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at SOPHISTIKATE. They had a silent auction and 5% of each sale went toward the CF Foundation. They will also be taking a percentage of sales on every First Friday and donating it to the CF Foundation.

Tomorrow is my 5k DASH for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness. This is my second 5k but the first one that I can say that I am prepared for. Last year it was interrupted by THE CALL. Trust me, I am more than happy that it happened when it did. I honesty don't think I'd be writing this blog right now if he didn't get that call because Jim would no longer be here with me. Ok, enough sappy shit. I'm going to run my butt off tomorrow and when I get tired I can always read my shirt (well, maybe not, it's a bit wordy):
I reached my fundraising goal of $5,000. Right now I am at $5,026! I didn't expect to raise $200. So again, thank you all again for your generosity! And thank you to our donor and donor family for allowing us to enjoy such a great time and allowing us to enjoy many more!

Click here to become an organ donor.

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