Monday, April 18, 2011


Sunday was a day of celebration for some and bittersweet thoughts of loved ones for others. The mixture of people that attended the DASH was anywhere from transplant recipients, friends, families, healthcare workers, donor families and friends and people walking or running in memory of a loved one that is no longer with them.

This is a view of just the 5k runners.
There were over 7,000 people total. 1,446 did the 5k and 809 did the 10k.

Me and Michele before the run:
I used to work with Michele and her mother (Fran). Michele, her dad (Ron) and I were each others support systems when Jim and Fran were waiting for their transplants. Fran had an intestinal transplant just before Jim had his double lung transplant. Sadly, Fran passed away not long after her transplant due to complications. Transplant is a crazy thing but I have to say that I have met some wonderful people out of all of this craziness. Meeting Ron and becoming better friends with Michele is just one example.

Michele with Ron and her beautiful daughter, Matilda:

Thankfully it didn't rain but it was cold and windy so we kept warm in the Jeep until it got closer to race time.

Jim with Michele's little girl, Matilda:

Reaching the finish line:


Me and Michele after the run:
We did it girl!

We were lucky enough to bump into Jim's transplant coordinator after the race.

As a right of passage, Jim did the steps at the art museum!
Jim would have never been able to do this before his transplant. He wouldn't even had been able to go from the car to the museum without struggling with the oxygen compressor, coughing and resting in between. Funny but there are still times when I am walking that I look back because I think I'm walking too fast for Jim. Then I realize that he is either ahead of me or right next to me. It completely blows my mind every time!

Thank you donor and donor family for again giving us the chance to enjoy another day together.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrity Bartending

Tuesday was the Celebrity Bartending event at Starters. It's safe to say that everyone had a good time!

Bartenders: Mike, Tracy, John (13 year post-liver transplant), Ralph, Jim, Stu and Dennis. Thanks again everyone!

I will have more pictures shortly!

Together with some great friends and family we made a difference! Thanks to Starters for allowing us to come out and use the bar to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. Total fundraising for the night was over $600 with most of the money coming from tips alone! And about 6 or 7 people signed up to be organ donors! At the end of the month I will find out the total amount of donations that were received from the Dine to Donate program. So, any local people that plan on going to any of the Starters location in the month of April, please print out this voucher and give it to your waiter/waitress and a percentage of of your food purchases will go toward my fundraising. Next year we will make the event BIGGER and BETTER!

By the time we got home from the event Jim's legs were extremely swollen and sore:

Thursday we attended a cocktail party to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at SOPHISTIKATE. They had a silent auction and 5% of each sale went toward the CF Foundation. They will also be taking a percentage of sales on every First Friday and donating it to the CF Foundation.

Tomorrow is my 5k DASH for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness. This is my second 5k but the first one that I can say that I am prepared for. Last year it was interrupted by THE CALL. Trust me, I am more than happy that it happened when it did. I honesty don't think I'd be writing this blog right now if he didn't get that call because Jim would no longer be here with me. Ok, enough sappy shit. I'm going to run my butt off tomorrow and when I get tired I can always read my shirt (well, maybe not, it's a bit wordy):
I reached my fundraising goal of $5,000. Right now I am at $5,026! I didn't expect to raise $200. So again, thank you all again for your generosity! And thank you to our donor and donor family for allowing us to enjoy such a great time and allowing us to enjoy many more!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011




amazing (comparative more amazing, superlative most amazing)

  1. Causing wonder and amazement; possessing uniquely wonderfulqualities.
  2. Jim's new lungs.
We said the word amazing several times this weekend. As the seasons change we are realizing all the things that Jim was unable to do pre-transplant but can do now! He washed 3 of the cars, inside and out! Little Red looks beautiful.

He also helped me move some heavy dirt (with an industrial mask on), cleared out the garage, brought the patio table out. All we kept saying was how amazing it is that he is able to do this. He never thought he'd be able to do any of this again. Oh, and he didn't even cough once!

We found a maple tree that popped up between some of our pine trees and decided to relocate it for future planting.
I couldn't find a large enough potter so I used the old tin garbage can. I like it! Eclectic or desperate. You decide:

Abby enjoyed a bone while we worked. Dharma chewed grass and followed me around.

Just a few pictures from my run on Saturday:

I went down to one of our local parks and did laps. It was a bit hard to stay motivated because everyone else was either having a picnic, fishing or just hanging out. But, I got it done. Only 1 run left until the DASH. If you are interested in donating click here.

Here are some pictures of Jim's bronch:
In this picture you can see the anastomosis from the transplant on the left.

This one is hard to read but it indicates that everything is normal other than some secretions that are in his nasal passages.

Today we heard back from Jim's transplant coordinator about his bronch results.

1. NO REJECTION! The last 3 bronchs showed A1 rejection but now he's clear. *huge sigh of relief*
2. WBC is up to 4.2
3. CMV is <200 (this is a good thing)
4. Tacrolimus level is 6.6 so they are increasing it by .5mg.
5. Pseudomonas was grown out in the sample they took - this is typical for Jim.
6. He also grew out staph aureus, which could be contributing to his sinusitis. They are treating this with Doxycycline.

Tomorrow is our celebrity bar-tending event. Wish me luck that we get lots of people to come out and support us. Team Sheldon and my Rock will be there along with friends and family.

Please say a prayer, send good vibes or whatever it is that you believe in for my friend who lost her grandmother recently. They were very close.

Thank you donor and donor family for such an amazing weekend!
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Monday, April 4, 2011


Things have been quiet lately, I'm NOT complaining and lets keep it that way!

Jim is still having stomach issues and his belly is still very bloated. He has his ups and downs but for the most part things have been pretty good. He has a bronch on Friday so soon we will hear if the A1 rejection is gone *fingers crossed* or not. I'll take not, thank you!

I am still training for a 5k on April 17th in Philadelphia, PA for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness. If your interested in donating click here for info. Under "Visitors", click on "Sponsor Participant". Put my name in(Denise Fahr), click on the"Search" box and my name will pop up. Click on my name and follow the instructions. ;)

And here's the shirt I will be wearing for my run:
The weather is FINALLY starting to get nice out. My last run was along the Lehigh River with lots of fisherman nearby!

Also, if you live in the Lehigh Valley check this out! Celebrity bartenders on April 12th from 7 to 9pm all tips go toward my fundraising. Also, any time in the month of April (as long as you use the voucher on the form) 10% of food purchases will be donated to my fundraising (5% on Fri & Sat). So come out, eat and have Jim serve you a drink! I'm having Jim learn how to make a chocolate martini. If it's good I may just give him a tip. :)

So, what's new? We're getting some things done around the house that have been put on hold for a few years. First up, getting the paver steps fixed. We got a bad batch of blocks for our steps and they started deteriorating in the past few years and after this past winter, they're just dangerous! Here's what I came home to today:

Jim's been feeling well enough to do some projects around the house. He hung some blinds that we recently ordered. He had to stop at 3 because his muscles were getting sore. Oh yea, the dogs...they've got a rough life!
Next up will be a deck, new siding on the house and a brick mailbox.

New pill sorter for Jim. It's a month supply:
Fun stuff!

And, in case you were wondering, Mini Me is doing fine and I love her!

That's about it for now. Please send out positive vibes that Jim's bronch is clear!!

Much love to Jim's donor and donor family!!
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