Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rejection & Vacation

Jim's bronch shows A1 rejection (mild). They're doing a steroid taper of 50mg x 5 days, 40mg x 5 days, 30mg x 5 days, 20mg x 5 days, then back to baseline of 10mg daily. He grew out pseudomonas again and it is being treated with Cayston (sp?). Getting CMV levels once a week for 4 weeks and re-bronched in 5 weeks.
He started back to work Monday and is doing fine. Belly issues off and on.
I am currently in FL with my parents for a mini-vacation and will be meeting up with a friend that Jim and I met through her blog. She had her transplant a month before Jim and is having some bad times with gastroparesis.
That's all folks.


  1. I hope you have fun!! A1 is a bummer but glad it's easily treated. Best of luck to you both and your friend you're visiting :)

  2. Glad work is going well, but the big job is kicking all that crap in it's butt.
    As for you....ENJOY every moment of your vacation. Awesome you're getting to meet a new friend in person.

  3. It's good to hear you are able to get away for a vacation and Jim is able to go back to work! I'm excited that you and Jess are going to be meeting. I hope to meet you and Jim someday. I met Jess not long after her transplant. We were staying at the same hotel. Tell her Pam said hello and have fun!