Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All kinds of cool things and some CF stuff thrown in.

I just returned from my mini-vacation to Florida with my parents last night. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful!

As I said in my last post, I planned on meeting up with a blogging friend of ours, Jess. So, here we are!
Jess drove up from Tampa and got to our place around 1:00. We had a great time walking around the resort, and sitting by the pool (in the shade with sunscreen).

We chatted about everything from family, school, relationships and of course CF and transplant, like we've known each other for years. Well, we've known each other for almost a year but never met before. It was really neat to finally meet the person that you have a lot in common with that not many other people can relate to. Granted I do not have CF and cannot relate on every level, I have been around it for 18 years and am much more versed in it compared to the average Joe. And, by the way, my girl Jess sported her bikini with a PICC and J tube like no ones business! :) After hanging out for a few hours we headed back to the room, changed and went out to dinner with my parents and godparents. I wasn't quite sure if Jess would be OK with eating but she did decide to have a small portion of food. I followed up with her later to she how her stomach was and everything went fine with no pain. She has gastroparesis that seems to be more sever than Jim's is. Thankfully it is getting a bit easier for her. Read her blog for details. Next year we will meet up again and then Jim will also be able to meet Jess.

And thank's for the cookies J-Mom! They were delicious!

I kept up with my training while I was in FL. Here are some pictures of the views from my runs. How could I NOT want to be outside with these views and great weather?

On Sunday we moved to a different resort and....

.......on Monday Kristen and Jesse came up to visit! Jesse has CF and his personality is a lot like Jim's. He's got the attitude to push past anything that gets in his way. We met Jesse through his blog and of course behind every man is a wonderful woman. Kristen also has a blog and she recently wrote about our meeting. Thanks Kristen, it definitely is nice to have people that understand your way of living. And I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Next year the 4 of us will get together!

As you can see, we played mini golf and Jesse was nice enough to fish my ball out of the pond! Needless to say, I won with the highest score and Kristen won for lowest...

Back on the home-front, Jim finally got his Cayston that he has to inhale for the pseudomonas that he cultured on his last bronch. He is still on 60 mgs of Prednisone (for the A1 rejection that was also found in his last bronch) and I was reminded of that when he yelled at the dog for barking to go out. Prednisone is nasty, I've been on it before and understand that that drug is so powerful that it is hard to control your emotions. As long as it does what it needs to do, I can handle a little crabbiness from Jim.

Wow! This "treatment" takes less than 5 minutes
it came with this handy dandy sterilizer.
Thanks CF Pharmacy for getting things figured out for us!

And now for the coolest part of the blog...
Jim picked me up from the airport on Tuesday evening and when we got home I opened the garage door so Jim could pull the car in and here's what I saw:

Yes, behind door #1 was a Mini Cooper with a huge red bow on it! I've wanted one for years and we've discussed getting one but I always said it wouldn't make sense to have another car. Now that Jim is back to work he is using the Jeep much more and with the gas prices being as high as they are, having this as a little zip-around-town, short commute car for me makes sense and in the long run will save us money. I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't wait to get up and take it for a ride. I actually woke Jim up to tell him that too!

As usual, thank you to Jim's donor and his family.
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  1. Wow, what a way to surprise you! I thought he picked you up at the airport in it so you could drive home, but that's sure cool, too!

    It was great meeting you - now Jim needs to get his butt down here next year to make a proper foursome on the course.

  2. We were talking about this car while I was in FL and my mom said "Maybe you'll have a new car when you get home". Then I was thinking...if he does do it, he'd probably pic me up in it. When my flight came in he seemed to be concerned about finding me, so I though hmmmmm...maybe. He picked me up in the other car so, no biggie. THEN, I opened the garage door and whammo! Big time bonus points. Not that he needs them. Great meeting you guys and next year mini-golf. I claim high score again! :P

  3. SO CUTE! I was really close to buying a mini cooper, but my true love is the BUG :) I bet you look so sexy in that. I am now jealous of your entire post :) You're beautiful resort, you meeting Jesse and your super cute car! LOL. But I am glad you had fun and you traveled safely.

    I am especially happy Jim finally got his antibiotic and nebulaizer. Hopefully he'll be off those high prednisone doses soon!

  4. Wow! What a surprise. I love the mini cooper. That's awesome. It's great you got to meet Jess and had a great time. The resorts were beautiful. I hope Jim gets finished with the neb meds soon, but thank goodness it doesn't take long.