Monday, March 21, 2011

10 months and "I Out Run CF"

Sat/Sunday was the 10 month mark of Jim's transplant, so Saturday morning we had a celebratory cinnamon bun breakfast:
Sunday I did the "IOutRun CF" virtual run/walk. The main event was held in Grosse Ile, MI but people that were unable to attend were invited to participate wherever they were located. It turned out to be a huge success with many states represented. I did week 6 of my C25K training and added a walk to the end to reach 5k.
I gave my official I OUTRUN CF shirt to a friend so I decided to wear my lung shirt instead.
I started in my back yard and did a large loop around the neighborhood. It was a great day but I was not feeling to great but I did it any way. Among many other states, a group in Holland also participated. They read about the I OutRun CF event on this blog and did their own! They had a huge group of people! If you want to read their blog you can use Google Translate, as it is written in Dutch.

My next goal is to run the 5k DASH for Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness on April 17th in Philadelphia, PA.
My initial goal was to raise $1,000 and I really thought that was stretching it. Well, within less than 48 hours I reached that goal! I then upped the ante to a $2,000 goal, which I exceeded quickly, so my new goal is $5,000. Right now I am the 2nd highest fundraiser! I continue to be amazed every day at the support I have been getting to reach my goal. If you are interested in donating click here. Under "Visitors", click on "Sponsor Participant". Put my name in (Denise Fahr), click on the "Search" box and my name will pop up. Click on my name and follow the instructions.

Jim had lab work done last week and found out that his WBC is at 2 (should be 5). He had it rechecked today. If it does not go up they will consider Neupogen shots. His RBC is low and they may consider a transfusion to bump it up. We will know more once we have the results of the labs taken this morning.

And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful person, that will probably sleep perfectly fine tonight, for smashing into our Jeep in the parking lot where Jim works! Amazing...
But hey, Jim is well enough to go back to work (there's looking at the positive for ya)!

Click here to become an organ donor!! Just a few click can save lives!


  1. Sorry was I the one who took your shirt? I sorry! I love the shirt! Glad its been 10 months for Jim and hoping for another 10 years!!! At least

  2. Don't you dare apologize, I WANTED you to have it! :) My own on its way! xoxo

  3. Yay!! Congrats on 10 months!! I am on Couch to 5k week 6 also, nice work!!

  4. You and Luke must be twins... his white count was 2 last week and 1.7 this week. We are stopping the Valgancyclovir and praying they come up... otherwise we may be headed into Neupogen too.
    10 months is great!! Can't wait until this summer when you and Luke can both celebrate 1 year!!
    Way to go Denise... fantastic on the running and fundraising!