Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rapid Response?

I just deleted a huge blog post so I'm just a bit annoyed. Here is an abbreviated version of the past 2 days.

I woke up Tues am to find Jim downstairs sick, was retching since 2am. I went to work since he was doing ok, just ok. Got a text at work saying "I need you, please". Got home, he was retching and had sever abdominal pain. I called the tx coordinator and was told to come in and she would be getting a hosp bed ready for him. I grabbed all our bags (prepacked since this has happened before) and drove Jim to Philly, docs looked at him and decided to call a "rapid response". A rapid response will ensure that you are sent to a secluded ER room without having to wait in a germy ER waiting room (and also ensure that I get completely freaked out). The docs told us to expect people to be showing up to check him out and transport him to the ER and not to worry. Well... people came from all over the place within minutes checking him out. Docs, nurses and even security! The heads up was appreciated, but it still scared the crap out of me. Thankfully I had Jim's transplant coord next to meet hugging me and telling me it was ok and just procedural. After he was checked out they transported him from the Lung Center, across the bridge and down to the ER (about 3/4 mile away). There were security guards at EVERY turn keeping people against the wall in single file and out of the way for us to get through. It was very impressive to see how well they respond to emergencies. Scared the crap out of me but also comforted me knowing he was in the best place possible should there be something even more serious.

In the ER they put an IV in, took lots o' blood and gave him Zofran (anti-nausea) and Dilaudid (for pain) meds. Within 20 minutes he was comfortable. Once the meds started to wear off he started with pain and retching again so the gave him more. We were in the ER from about 2pm to 10pm when a room finally opened. Not bad considering the last time this happened we were in the ER for 22 hours! While waiting for a room he had 2 abdominal ultra sounds. We had a good time messing with the residents too!

Trying to make a long story short since I wrote this once before...they will be doing a CT scan at some point to check his entire abdomin since they only checked his upper right quadrant when they did the 2 ultrasounds last night. Doc's are thinking that this is the gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying) again and started him on Reglan which helps with motility. The GI doc's awhile ago took him off of it because long term usage can cause bad neurological issues. Now the GI doc's seem to think it may be a good idea to use Reglan when he starts with these issues again, but not as a daily regime. He is still getting Zofran and Dilaudid and is on a liquid diet. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully it's more productive than today!

Thanks so much to all of our friends and family that have taken care of our dogs and kept us entertained while going through all of this. Love you guys! Just a bump and things will be better!


ER doc: Do you want some pain meds?

Jim: Absofuckingoutly!

Jim while doc was doing the ultrasound: I don't want to know the sex.Just deleted a huge blog post so I'm just a bit annoyed. Here is an abbreviated version of the past 2 days.

This is what a rapid response looks like:


  1. Crap, guys! That's a freakishly efficient escort to the ER followed by a dismal effort at getting him into a room. Keep us posted on the scan, 'mkay?

  2. Love the "rapid response" thing! When I was in pain for 9 days before getting my gall bladder out, dilaudid is what saved me. I still have very fond memories of dilaudid. However, I did not like withdrawing off of it. That was the pits. I was also taking Reglan for a little bit, but they were very paranoid about the possibility of Tardiv Dyskinesia. I hope it works well for Jim without any side effects. Lots of love to you both...