Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OUTRUN CF in your backyard!

Some new things:

Jim is returning to the workforce on Monday!

I'm back in training and will be doing the Out Run CF-Virtual Run! The walk/run/stroll or whatever it is that you care to do is on 3/20/11 and the track is wherever you decide to have it. Pretty flexible, huh? Yes, yes it is! The official event will be held in Grosse Ile, MI.
I know this is last minute but I would LOVE to set up a team here in Bethlehem, PA to get out and show awareness and Out Run CF!
So...who's with me?
Leave a comment with your contact info and we'll work something out! If you cannot join me and wish to make a donation please let me know!

Here are some details:

Registration Closing Date


Brief Description

The RocK CF Foundation and CysticLifeare joining forces to Out Run Cystic Fibrosis and you are invited to help! If you are not running the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon or 5K March 20 on Grosse Ile, MI but you still want run with us, this is YOUR race! On March 20 you will find a route or race by your house, lace up your joggers and hit the road in your Out Run CF shirt.

Join over 100 others across the country that are Outrunning CF in their hometowns on March 20th. It only costs $20 - you get a cool "I Outrun CF" shirt and proceeds go to immediately impact the lives of people with CF!

Tee Shirts

We cannot guarantee an Out Run CF shirt for race day if Registration is after February 25. Shirts will be mailed after if this is the case.

Check us out on Facebook!

Additional Information

You choose the mileage. 1 mile? 5K? 10K? 10 Miles? Half Marathon? Marathon? It's up to you! Nothing is too short or too long, too fast or too slow. REGISTRATION AFTER MARCH 1-NOT GUARANTEED A TEE SHIRT BEFORE THE RACE. Report back to us at!

Check us out on Facebook!

Check this blog out! Dax of San Diego, CA will OUTRUN CF! So far 34 states are represented!

And here's the shirt. I love it, it's comfy and not black. Black shirts with yellow labs don't always go well together.

I started running last year because of the anger and anxiety I was having while Jim was on the transplant waiting list. I never ran a day in my life before that. I ran my very first 5k last July. I sturggled to finish the run because while in training for it Jim got his real call for transplant. Here are my blog posts from that time:

Jim had his appointment with the nephrologist today. They will be doing an intrajugular biopsy to determine what is going on with his liver. The MRI showed that his liver had some nodules but they do not use the MRI as a diagnostic tool. So, in a few months he will have that test done. The nephrologist doesn't seem to concerned with things. All of his lab results have actually gotten better since his transplant. Friday he will be having a bronch.

Thank you donor and donor family!!!
To become and organ donor click here.


  1. Great great!
    Can I join, even though I live in Holland?
    Is that possible?
    And what do I need to do to organize this properly in my community?

    My e-mail-adress:
    allmylungs [at] hotmail [dot] nl

  2. Miss P - that would be so cool! Let me look into it. I don't see why not. I did read somewhere about people in England being interested as well. I'll get back to you. Thanks!!!!!

  3. Wow! Congrats on heading back to work Jim! I hope your first couple of days have gone well and you're getting used to the change of pace!