Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home and ready for some "NORMALCY"!

We got home yesterday evening after:
- My 8:30am abrupt wake up call/evacuation from the hotel. Ummmm...I was on the 17th floor and my calves are now killing me from going down 17 flights of steps. Thankfully it was a false alarm and I was able to take the elevator back up to my room.
- 2+ hour wait for doc to finish up the paperwork for discharge. Anyone know why it takes so long???? Last time we waited at least 8 hours for the paperwork.
- Getting the car jumped. Yep, finally discharged and the getaway car won't start! Thankfully, Jim's dad was there to help us out and follow us home to make sure we didn't have any problems getting there.

That evening ended with Jim breaking off the key in our back door.

Final diagnosis: gastroparesis, pancreatic cyst and fibrotic liver. Plan: meet with pancreatic doc to discuss cyst. Keep an eye on the liver (don't know who he'll see for that) and follow up with tx pulmonologist. Reglan for gastroparesis and Zofran as needed for nausea. He missed his bronch on Friday so he'll need to set that up soon. Lungs, sound great!

My day today consisted of sleeping in, a visit from my parents, trip to the drug store for Reglan and Zofran and then to Wegmans for groceries. After that I did a little cleaning and am now watching the Grammy's. I always find that for a few days after Jim comes home to be the most stressful. I think I try to keep everything together until it's calmed down then I have a bit of a breakdown. Any other CF spouses or family members have that happen to them? Same thing happened after his transplant. I had a few weeks of a Chron's flare up once everything settled down with him.

I am ready for "normalcy"!!! Consider everything OK if you don't see posts for awhile. I need to focus my energies on something fun and put this health stuff in the back of my mind as much as possible so I can keep on keepin' on.

Donor and donor family, thank you! Regardless of any of this crap, Jim is still here and we can enjoy a much better life together because of your selfless gift. For that I am extremely grateful!


  1. Denise,
    I totally can agree with you that once the "crisis" or appointments are over there is a "hitting the wall" kind of feeling. It is definitely more stressful to unpack, get back to "normal" life, and deal with the everyday stuff. Getting through the hard stuff at times is almost easier..... you can totally focus on the one you love and take it day by day...
    Glad you guys are home!

  2. Hope that Jim avoids any flare-ups for a long time! It's a constant battle