Friday, February 11, 2011

Cyst, MRI, fluid, liver fibrosis, needles and other fun stuff...

Jim woke up in painand was nauseous this morning so we are still here. The MRI done last night showed that the pancreatic cyst IS still there, his liver is fibrous (common occurrence for a CF'er) and that he has fluid in his abdomen. The docs wanted to find out if the fluid was an infection so a procedure was planned for a needle aspiration. The aspiration never occurred because when they went to do it, they were unable to find a pocket of fluid big enough that was away from major organs. GI doc stopped by briefly and mentioned LASIKs or beta blockers as a means to get rid of the bloat. We are still waiting for him to come back to discuss next steps. As far as the pancreatic cyst...we have no idea what the plan is. It does seem that the gallbladder is out of the picture, for now at least.
Not much joking going on today, we're both pretty much want to get this figured out and get back to a "normal" life.
Me waiting for Jim to come back from eating his radioactive eggs.

Tomorrow's another day. Maybe we can bust out but he is still having pain.

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  1. I hope Jim is on the mend and can go home right away! This must have been a shock for you both, coming out of nowhere! I'm glad to see everything handled so professionally at the hospital. I love to hear that he still has his sense of humour! Thinking of you both :)