Friday, February 4, 2011

The case of the mysteriously missing pancreatic cyst

Jim had his EUS last Friday and the cyst on his pancreas has seemed to disappear. Yep, it's not there and we have no idea why. Next Friday he'll be meeting with the surgeon to discuss what his thoughts are about the disappearing cyst. Pulmo doc is in no hurry to have his gallbladder out and neither is Jim. He will also have a bronch next Friday.

Funny thing happened when I came home from work the other day...
I didn't see Jim in the kitchen so I looked to see if his O2 line was in the bathroom. What???? He hasn't had that thing for 8 months! Yes, it's been 8 months since his transplant and there are still eye opening moments. I like it though, it certainly keeps things in perspective.

I've been scanning a lot of pictures lately and you can't have a blog post without pictures - right? are a few pictures from 2000 when we went to pick out our Christmas tree at our dog breeders house.


  1. Denise- I still look for Luke's oxygen tube to find him too.. it was so much easier to find him back then!
    Luke has his bronch and biopsy next Friday too... praying for no rejection for both of them!!

  2. I'll be having an EUS thurs. Damn pancreas!