Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

2010 was one of the most interesting years by far for us. There were many GOOD things and many BAD things but if you average it out, 2010 was AWESOME!

The good:
  • Obviously, Jim received the most precious gift, the gift of life;
  • Luke, Piper, Jess, Beth, Justine, Chris, and many others received their gift of lungs;
  • An awesome surprise birthday party;
  • Seeing Dave Matthews;
  • Amazing friends and family;
  • Meeting Joe (this is a big f'ing deal) Biden, Bill Clinton and Bowser from Sha Na Na;
  • Walking hills and going out in the cold with my husband by my side;
  • The oxygen tanks and compressor were removed from the house;
  • No more breathing treatments or loud machines running (6 hours back into Jim's day);
  • Meeting new amazing people out of the transplant journey;
  • Jim being an active member of the household again (pumping gas, letting the dogs out, scraping the ice off of the car...just the little things);
  • Learning what really is important in life.

The bad:
  • dry run;
  • loss of Jim's Grammy Smith;
  • loss of our precious cats, Torri and Phoebe;
  • other CF friends still struggling and waiting;
  • loss of several CF acquaintances;
  • unexpected visits to HUP;
  • PICC lines
  • CMV & A1 rejection

Dry run:

Thank you donor and donor family for making 2010 awesome!
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  1. WAY more amazing things on the "good" list over the "bad" list. Yeah!!! Hoping that next years "bad" list shrinks even smaller...

  2. Thanks for giving me this link as I believe it helps a lot to be able to read and share stories of what we experience.
    Jim, I wish you the best luck! You aren't alone with pain and mysteries. Seems I'm the enigma at my TX clinic. Many times I have gotten..."We've never seen this before" or them not knowing why I still have pain or why some things have happened. I just say...That's why it's called Practicing Medical. Still so much unknown about the body.
    I've had my ups and downs but the incidents are becoming less severe and less frequent. First year is the toughest! I've heard from docs and patients that the CMV is a pain in the butt to treat and may take some time but I haven't heard of any TX person dying from it. Seems it's not too big of a deal as long as it gets treated so I think you'll be fine once you get through the meds. I know that's no fun either with the nausea. I get that anytime I go on IV's and sometimes on oral antibiotics. I've done a lot of dry heaving from the stomach surgery not allowing me to throw up any food. Seems like I can now though since they loosened it. Everyone seems to be different and most people I know have and are doing better than me but I've had big improvements and you will too! Just takes time so try not to get too frustrated as it is just a part of the process and will get easier. I went through so many surgeries after my TX and was amazed I made it through it all so I know you'll do fine too. It's amazing how much our bodies can handle especially in our condition! Take care and have a happy healthy New Year!

  3. I bet most post transplant patients "good" almost always out weighs the "bad". . . I know my "bad" list is almost non-existent. Jim and you had a pretty incredible 2010! I hope we all have many, many more!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year!!!
    Glad to see yous are doing well.
    Live life to the fullest,

  5. Tanya, I have read that CMV is the leading killer of post transplant patients. But I am happy to announce that I am now at a count of 0 Wooo Hooo!