Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick update

Pulmo appointment went well, lungs and everything sounds great!! Down 10 pounds though because of stomach issues. Transplant coordinator (love that woman) was laughing about how big his watch looked compared to his tiny wrist. He is now considering wearing the watch on a necklace like Flavor Flave. They are thinking that he may have had the stomach bug that apparently is going around along with an episode of gastroparesis.

Surgeon is not really thinking that the gallbladder is causing the issues as much as a pancreatic cyst which has grown from 1.2cm to 2.1cm (which we didn't even know about)....soooo.....looks like going to see a different surgeon to figure out the pancreatic issue....they said they are fairly certain it is benign but needs to be addressed prior to any further steps. Surgeon said he wouldn't touch the gallbladder (even though its full of stones), because the pancreas can cause the same symptoms and should be addressed first.

After gallbladder and pancreatic surgeon spoke it was decided that an Endoscopic Ultrasound should be done. Scheduled for Feb 1st. They will not be doing a fine needle aspiration as they don't feel its cancer. The damage to the pancreas could easily be caused by passing a gallstone and he has a bag full of them. One more test to add to his list....the worst was a prostate biopsy where they took 12 samples of his prostate through his intestinal wall...YIKES!!

There will be a meeting with the pancreatic surgeon on Feb 4th to discuss results. We're hoping they can remove the cyst and the gallbladder laproscopicaly soon. Stomach is still hurting some but at least he's eating solids.

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