Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friends and Fortunes

Oooops! Posted this before it was finished. More pics and stuff to follow.

Always have the hand sanitizer handy! This picture was taken at New Deck Tavern, the official happy hour location for Team Sheldon!

First time not having to play in the snow without Jim in at least 10 years! Yet another milestone in transplant land!
Baby it's cold outside...

Mr. I Can Play Outside Without Coughing Fahr.

Abby and Dharma loving the snow.

I want to share with a message my friend sent to me. Her brother-in-law lost his battle with CF several years ago:
I just want to share with you what a joy it is to read even your simplest blogs and pics. The joy that you and Jim share after so many years together is a pleasure to see, and an inspiration that not all married people become bored and frustrated with each other as the years grow. Just thought if I had something nice to say about you, then there was no reason not to share it and perhaps bring a smile. :) Continued Blessings, Joy and "Pristine" health to you and Jim this year and always. Cheers!

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