Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Answers...yet

Hopefully all of this makes sence since I am a bit sleepy...
The doc's were in later this morning (Tues) and really don't know what the deal is yet. Initially they thoughgt the CMV could be affecting his stomach but, they have basically ruled that out (from what I understand). A CT scan was done and we are waiting for the docs to review that yet.
Dr. H is glad he has been doing well prior to all of this. His labs have been improving -CMV level down to 1253, even before he started the IV ganciclovir (quite odd), and WBC is up to 2.4 as of last Friday.
Jim said that he feels the same as the last time he was admitted here.
Dr. H says it could be a CF obstruction that will work itself out, gastroparesis, gallstone flare that has cleared itself up. There is a chance that he may have to get his gallbladder out in future. They still need to look at recent labs, X-rays and CT scan and still do not know if he is resistant to the Valcyte.
Good news is that he is no longer in pain or vomiting! When they did the CT scan he had to drink radioactive apple juice and was able to keep it down. He also had some jello and water with no problems. My thoughts are that they will start advancing his diet and see how he tolerates it.
I wasn't in when Dr. L came but he didn't have much more to add to the puzzle. So, we'll wait to see what the tests say and how Jim feels and go from there.
On a good note I was able to visit a CF buddy of ours today. She is 2 floors ablove us and plans to bust out tomorrow! Yay Alyssa!!!! By the way Alyssa, you really need to updat that blog of yours. ;)
And last but not least, thank you donor and donor family!

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