Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow! So that's real?!

Friday night was Trick or Treat in Bethlehem & guess how many trick or treaters we got? Zero!
So, yes, we had more than enough candy... Thankfully we were prepared!

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party.

There were some really great costumes. Jim went as a transplant patient and I went as his surgeon. He wore his original bracelets from HUP and I used the original stethoscope that was in his room. The party was packed so the mask that Jim wore for his costume fit in perfectly.

Several people commented on our costumes. When Jim said that he had a double lung transplant initially people thought it was just talk, you know, he was playing the part of his costume. When Jim said that the scar is real people were amazed. The common response when looking at Jim's chest was: "Wow! So that IS real?!"

As usual, we compared some of the differences from last years party to this years. Last year Jim was carrying his portable oxygen and wasn't able to walk down to the basement because he would get way too out of breath. This year...he was up and down the steps SEVERAL times with no problems! Another difference, not a good one, is that Jim wasn't able to eat any of the food setting out this year, and it looked sooooo good! He is unable to eat at buffets. There a chance of infection with buffets because people are hovering over the food and possibly touching it. So he wasn't able to partake in the food. I wasn't either though. My stomach has been bothering me for a bit lately but is starting to feel much better. I don't know why since I don't have any major stress going on now. I would have thought that I would have gotten sick when Jim was in the hospital in May but didn't. I spoke with Jim's social worker at Morristown Hospital this week and she mentioned it may be sort of PTSD. My body is finally saying "What the hell just happened?" I can say from time to time if Jim coughs my mind jumps back to the old CF lung days when after the cough would come gasping for air. It's not something that is easy to forget but is getting easier as time passes. I know he has new pristine lungs (thank you donor and family)but I think since I can't actually see them sometimes it's hard to really believe it. It's hard to explain but I'm sure some of you with loved ones that are post-tx can understand.

To add some humor to this, here is a picture of MORE candy Jim came home with today. This time it was only 2lbs compared to the 3+ lb that he had to have for all of our trick or treaters.

Health status:
Jim had a biopsy on his chest and is awaiting results. Other than that things are going great (knock on wood)!

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  1. Laffy Taffy. To quote Jim: "mine mine mine."

    So glad he was able to see the basement this year. Your costumes were great!!!