Friday, November 26, 2010


Well, I guess everyone knows what we are thankful for this year!
Thanks to Jim's donor and donor family, this Thanksgiving is extra special this year considering we weren't quite sure if he would make it to Thanksgiving 2010. *wiping sweat off of forehead*

The visit to HUP on Wednesday went ok. Dr. H told us not to hit the panic button yet. Jim will be going to get lab work on Wednesday to check his CMV level. If it stays the same or goes down the plan will be to continue on the Ganciclovir for another week. If the levels increase then Jim will be hospitalized while they give him weekly doses of Foscarnet. Dr. H told us that even though the dosage is weekly he still must remain hospitalized because the Foscarnet is very toxic on your kidney's and could lead to renal failure. We are both keeping our fingers crossed that the Ganciclovir will kick CMV's ass! So, we are taking it one step at a time and hoping for the easiest outcome. On a good note, Jim feels great!

Jim woke me to tell me that is was snowing! Woo hoo! Ski season is just around the corner!!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my brothers house and we will have a 2nd one on Sunday at Jim's mom's.
The Bird

The apple pie that my sister-in-law, Jan, made. It was delicious!
Jim and Amanda

The traditional picture of dad cutting the bird.

This morning the fall decorations were put away and the Christmas ones were brought out. This year is MUCH different than past years. This year Jim is able to help me with so much more! Ummmm...maybe he over did it this year... I came downstairs to see him with a big smile on his face while telling me he brought the tree up from the basement. Not a wise decision since he does have a PICC line in. Ugh!

This evening we went downtown to see the official tree lighting in Bethlehem. It was amazing having Jim with me, walking around with no problem, no coughing and no O2! We looked at each other several times delighted that we are able to do this together again. After the lighting we walked to some of the shops around town (yet another thing that would not be happening right now if it weren't for Jim's donor and donor family). It is hard to describe how great it felt to have him with me. I am so used to going places and doing things without him and now that he can, well, words can't describe how awesome it is!

The tree is up but not decorated yet. Jim just finished fighting with the lights. I think all is good now. Just DON'T TOUCH THE TREE or a strand may go out!

Thank you donor and his family for allowing us to have such an awesome day!
Click here to become a donor. It's so easy and can help so many!


  1. I am Thankful for Donor and Donor Families. I am Thankful that you and Jim can Celebrate many more holidays together :) Jim is looking great!

  2. Heather (Luke's mom)November 28, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    Jim and Denise,
    Isn't is so awesome.. the newfound freedom. We continue to be amazed daily as we watch Luke. You are right after 3 months out things really get a lot better. We are seeing this right in front of us now! We are praying for the CMV to get the heck out! One our family is totally healthy (and no risk that Luke may be brewing something) we will definitely get together! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving... you wanna come and carry our tree up from the basement?!?!?
    The Maedings

  3. That is such an awesome SMILE, Jim. You're growing on me, Fibro.