Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Stuff (Jim) and Bad Stuff (cat)

On a good note: On Friday Jim blew the best numbers yet on his spiro! Woot hoo!!! FEV1 3.44 & FVC 4.02.

"Anything more from here is just gravy." Jim regarding his current lung capacity.

The rest is non-health related:

On a really bad note: We had to lay our cat of 14 years to rest on Thursday.
It was completely unexpected. She was diabetic and had thyroid problems and was doing fine for a long time. Then she started to loose weight and wouldn't eat. We took her to the vet thinking that her meds needed to be adjusted again since that was what they did the last time this happened. The vet looked at her ears and said they were jaundice. Something was wrong withher liver. He said it could have been a fatty liver. The only thing he said he could do for her was have her stay at the hospital, give her fluids via IV and then would have to put a feeding tube in in the morning to try and get some nutrition in her. After he mentioned feeding tube I blockedout everything else he said. I let Jim do the listening.

Long vet visit short, she lost about 3 lbs in less than 3 weeks. After possibly getting her strong enough he would then have to go through numerous tests to find out what was going on and then we would have to put her through a treatment plan.

She was the type of cat that would purr as soon as you looked at her. People that didin't even like cats thought Torri was sweet. She was my sidekick and I often called her my "puppy-cat"because she followed me around like a puppy. If we called her name she would always reply back with an inquisitive meow. She was very vocal.

She loved to lay in different directions and places:
Over the back ofsofa

In baskets


This is when she was young and her and Phoebe got along. Phoebe had cancer and we had to lay her to rest just 7 months ago. :(

We call this picture "Big head, little body"

The dogs bed

Her bed from Grandma Fahr

Scratching her face on the Christmas tree.

She studied with me. Usually she would rest her head on my wrist while I typed.

With her stuffed animal "Buddy"

She purred until the very end...
The last 2 pictures were taken when we were at the vet waiting and wondering.

I miss her terribly, as does Jim, and many tears have been and continue to be shed by both of us.


  1. Denise, I am so sorry for the lost of your Torri. I had to put my Henry down at the vet several years agao and I still miss him. He would lay next to me after I had my chemo treatments. It was very comforting. Your little Torri looks just like my little Gracie. She is a torti too but with a black nose. A part of Torri will always be with you.

    Patty Hefele

  2. Yay for the good Jim stuff, and I'm so sorry about the bad kitty stuff : (

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how pets are not just pets, but a member of our families. 14 years is a nice long happy life for a cat who was obviously very loved and special

  4. Sorry about Torri although you place must have seemed like heaven there must be a kitty heaven or the ark would have been much smaller :).

    Wonderful news on Jim's lungs I might have to back out on the race yet :)