Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prednisone Munchies

I didn't plan on blogging tonight but took these pictures and thought they needed to be shared.

Jim does the grocery shopping now so he made sure we were stocked up for when the trick or treaters come for Halloween.
Too bad that we've only had one trick or treater since we moved here in 1998 and it was our next door neighbor. So, basically, Jim gets the candy for himself saying that he wants to make sure the "kids" have candy when they come on Halloween. Tonight we came home from dinner and he had what we like to call "the Prednisone munchies."

Here he is with his 3.33lb bag of Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps, Sweet Tarts and Nerds.
You can tell that he's an only child based on the note he puts on "his" candy. Too bad for him that with me coming from a family with 2 older brothers, notes mean nothing! If there's food in the house, whoever gets to it first wins. My saying is "You snooze, you loose." Amanda and I like to purposefully eat the strawberry Laffy Taffy because that's his favorite!

All is well here. Jim has a little bit of a dry cough that is completely freaking me out. He's been waking up at night coughing too. Jim mentioned it to his transplant coordinator and she said as long as it's not a productive cough that he should just make sure he stays hydrated. If he becomes congested he should use Mucinex and if he develops a productive cough Dr. H wants him to use Cayston or Tobi via nebulizer. All day he has been fine with no cough so I'm thinking it may be allergies.

That's all to report right now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. It looks like Jim has some buddies who like candy too!
    The hands off note is hilarious! That's just an invitation, isn't it? Doesn't he know you have to hide the candy you don't want anyone else to eat. Not that I'd ever do that.

  2. I had a dry cough for about 3 weeks last month, not productive at all and my dr. told me its normal to have a cough. I wouldn't worry too much, I know I worried but dr. set me straight. Have fun with the candy!

  3. 1) jim, hope the cough goes away quickly! it's weird to feel symptoms again once you get used to feeling more or less "normal", right? i can't get over how surprised i was to be "sick" again. yay for post-tx life!

    2) prednisone is evil. it's one plus is weight gain. go you for rockin' that plus!

    3) can you teach me how to eat candy? haha. kinda kidding, kinda not. my CF doc called to lecture (albeit in a nice way) me the other day b/c she thinks i'm "avoiding carbs". in actuality i lost weight b/c i was sick, but she's kinda right. i need to be able to snack on the occasional cookie or candy bar. help me, diabetes mentor! ;)

  4. Thanks Jess...good to see you back online some, missed you

    Piper, it's more difficult for you since you don't have a pump and they bumped your Pred up again....that really messes with how and when you can eat carbs...unless you don't mind sticking yourself...see I know I'm 1 unit of insulin per 12 grams of carbs and all I have to do is push a button for the insulin...easy peasy....back before the pump I used to try and fit the extra carbs with meals to limit the sticks, but then often had trouble because at times I couldn't finish the food yet had already taken the insulin to cover.....ugh,....not fun times....

    Always remember weight gain or loss is simple math 3500 k/cal is one pound of body fat.....trick with us CFers is to figure out how much we are burning and get that excess in.

  5. Watch out our 6 will be knocking at your door for Trick or Treat!
    Nothing worse than the Prednisone Munchies... except having them but not being able to eat (because you know it will make you sick) and combine that with out of control diabetes from the Prednisone! Man what a kick in the pants (or so Luke tells me!)
    We are witnessing the Prednisone Puff (as we affectionately call the sumo wrestler look) get worse and worse... ugg didn't want to see that back again!
    Dry cough.... Luke has that one too (though I think it may be reflux related as well).
    Denise I loved your comment as the youngest with 2 older brothers!
    Jim you will have to teach us the insulin tricks for coverage once Luke is eating again!

  6. i don't mind sticking myself but i get nervous doing it soon after i just ate a meal since with the pred i'm never 100% sure what my ratio is. we have me at 1:15, which seems to work on anything from 40-25mgs of pred. anything above that and i'm just wacky. anything below that and i start to swing a little low on that ratio. so i get nervous adding more insulin before 2 hours is up to see how i did on the last go round. and that just limits how and when i can eat anyway.

    both my tx and cf doc have called to lecture me on "avoiding carbs" now. they say just to deal with the highs until they get it straightened out. highs make me tired. maybe THEY should deal with them until they get it sorted out and i should eat like i'm on atkins ;)

  7. I could not walk or move until I took the first prednisone. In 7 hours I felt fine. Now that I am on a low dosage, I am again in a lot of pain. So far there is no diagnosis as to what I have.

  8. are you getting better now? Pei Pa Koa ( ) is one of the few Chinese natural cough remedies that have been scientifically studied. it's something like herb plus honey, and it's sweet, thick and black in color. If you have a cough, look for it! It used to be one of my favourite natural cough remedies.

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