Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 41st Birthday!

41 Years Young!

And they said he wouldn't live to be a teenager...

This year called for 2 cakes!

Deep breath in...
He blew those candles out like no one's business!

Amanda, (a/k/a) The Rock rocking some birthday hats (looks like Lisa from the Simpsons)

We had a great day yesterday! It was Jim's 41's birthday and also a celebration of a new life with new lungs and all sorts of new possibilities!

First there was a party with the campaign staff. They got eclairs (his favorite treat) and sang happy birthday. It was so thoughtful of all of them and very much appreciated! If you guys are reading this "thank you" from both of us!

We then had a birthday party for him with the family at our house. After the birthday party we went to Sand's casino in Bethlehem and saw Southside Jonny, one of Jim's favorite old-school New Jersey bands. We then met up with a group of friends and had a birthday toast at St. James Gate; a really cool Irish pub at the casino.

We constantly compare how things were just 4 months ago compared to now. I was walking around the casino and saw a man sitting at a machine with an oxygen tank. I brought back thoughts of sadness and fear along with pure joy that Jim no longer has to drag extra equipment nor does he have to make sure he is home in time to get a treatment in. The casino was very smoky but once we got into the no smoking area it was much more tolerable.

So, things have been moving along smoothly with no complaints. The first 3 months were hell (to put it nicely) but's just amazing (which is an understatement)! Jamie, thank you for all your words of wisdom, you are sooooo right! Things are amazing after transplant!

As ALWAYS, thank you to our donor and his family for allowing us to enjoy life.

Please consider become a donor. Just click here to do it on-line!


  1. Awesome!!! Happy Birthdays!!! We must be on a similar schedule -- I celebrated my 41st/1st birthday too!!!

    My neighbors were planning a big 40th birthday celebration for the weekend before my 40th birthday -- and I messed them up by getting "the call" on Saturday morning... I was transplanted 4 days before my 40th birthday -- so, they held off my celebration for a year and had a big 41st/1st surprise party!!!

    We had another big party this year -- my 50th/10th party... I hope your journey is as amazing as mine has been, Jim... I hope that, nine years from now, we're both still hear and I'm reading about your 50th/10th party!!!

    You take care!!! I'm proud of you... Love, Steve

  2. Happy Birthday Jim!! Love your shirt, I have one too and it's my favorite thing to wear.

  3. Well the shirt designer is becoming quite well known...and she has a wonderful sister :)

  4. I can't believe no one commented on the sponge bob

  5. Happy birthday Jim! And happy birthday to your new lungs! What a great day! Also, congrats on a successful four month appointment. You should be very proud of your weight gain and PFT improvements. Very impressive. I love that they actually checked the machine to make sure it was accurate. Keep it up!

  6. *LOVE* this post!!

    I think the lungs needed their own cake as well. ..very nice touch! I had my 29th birthday just 5 months post transplant and I got one cake that simply said "Happy 1st Birthday" Although I didn't get awesome sponge bob party props :) You guys worked hard and I am soooooo happy that you're enjoying post transplant life!

    Here's to another 41+ years!!!!

  7. Congrats! Now that I'm 30, I can't wait to turn 40 - same as you! To say, look what I did!!! Congrats and I love that you're wearing Piper's shirt!!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I'm "late to the party" so to speak, but it looks fabulous! I'm glad to see you had a great celebration worthy of a great guy!

    PS: honored that you chose the lung shirt for this! I'm emailing erin the link to your blog right now - I know she'll love it too!