Monday, September 20, 2010

4 months ago...

Jim 4 months ago:
About an hour after his transplant surgery.

Jim now:
Ooooops, wrong picture...

Jim now:
His goal was to weight 150lbs by Oct.1st (his birthday). He just hit 150.9 today! Needless to say, his belly has been doing real well, except for the time that he ate too late in the evening and woke up in the middle of the night puking. Note to self: Do not eat late at night!

Things have been going (dare I say) GREAT?!!
We hopped in the car Saturday for a ride and ended up in New Hope! We found a bunch of shops and walked around for a long time. We climbed hills too:

After going to a bunch of shops we decided to head home. On the ride out Jim saw some shops on a side road and realized that they were the shops that we were initially looking for. So out of the car and on to more shops! I like this new lung thing!! I have to admit, I was getting tired. :)

Little coffee stop:

Diabetic in a candy shop...again.

He didn't get anything but I HAD to get some Pop Rocks!
So, we're getting back to some normalcy! I have started to do some projects around the house. I'm ripping out old carpeting from the stairs and painting the sunroom. I'm also still training for a 5 mile run in December and a 5k in Philly next year for organ donation awareness.

I got a little weepy last night thinking about how things were 4 months ago compared to now. As I was in the ICU waiting room I had no fear that the surgery would go wrong. The months following his surgery were (keeping it real) pure hell! But looking back, I have realized how much I have taken for granted. Every once in awhile I have to check myself when I start to get annoyed by something small. I sit back and look at what is really important in life and usually the thing I am annoyed about isn't worth my energy.

Additional ramblings:
  • I am currently burning a scented candle. Yup, doesn't affect his lungs and it smells AWESOME! I haven't been able to burn a scented candle for YEARS!
  • Hugs are tight and strong!
  • Jim is back to doing the laundry. Woo hoo!
  • He is able to let the dogs out with no problem.
  • He picked up paint for me at the store, now problems with carrying it.
  • Instead of "I can't" it's "Let's do it!"
My cousin sent Jim these Silly Bands. Fitting, huh?

"It's a great day to be alive!" Jim while driving in the convertible.
"I would have NEVER been able to go shopping here before" Jim, regarding the hills.
"This is so freaking awesome!" me, regarding EVERYTHING!

Much love sent to Jim's donor's family. @>----------------


  1. I smile so big when I read your posts and updates! I am also so very happy for Jim's "Greatness" I can attest to recovery being an uphill climb/battle. . .but as you guys know the view from the top is totally worth it!

  2. Freaking awesome!! I need me some pop rocks and lung silly bands.
    How's the painting going?

  3. What a difference 4 months makes!!! It's also nice that Jim can get us our Starbucks now. :D

    Here's to more road trips, climbing hills, and many more "firsts.". <3

  4. Happy 4 months Jim!! You look great btw, even with that tube in your mouth ;)

  5. Jim,
    You look great and I want to thank you for your support of CG. CysticDad Paul Peters

  6. Jamie - you are the first of several bloggers that have helped me try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you know so well, when you are in the midst of everything it's hard to see that light. When you told me once it was all done it would be great, well, that was an understatement! There is no word to describe how awesome things have been now that things have settled! Thanks you, Jamie!

    Autum - If I lived nearby I would deliver you some bands and Pop Rocks. I had a Pop Rocks martini once, so...I'd deliver the bands, Pop Rocks and some vodka too. ;) I just finished the 2nd coat of primer and painted the blades on the fan. Jim was a bit surprised to see I was painting the fan.

    Barb - Wasn't it awesome to have Jim carry all of our cups over to us? No O2 bag to haul! *clink of SBX cups*

    Jess - he does look great! Now he's teasing me that I am too slow for a "healthy person". Sarcasm is back in full swing.

    CD - So glad to see that CG is finally home and on the mend!

  7. This post makes me smile! :)