Friday, August 27, 2010

Mmmmmm ...spaghetti

Yep, I'm back. No worries, Jim is fine (so am I)!

This evening we went to a spaghetti dinner for Luke, who I mentioned in my last blog. Jim and I met Lukes's dad, grandparents and children. We spoke with them about our experiences along the pre and post-transplant craziness. is CRAZY!!

Man, I can understand all too much how Luke's family is feeling. It is so hard to sit and just watch all of this happen to someone you love and not be able to do a thing to help them (other than be with them). Every time I read a new blog post from his mom or dad I can't help but think of the days of sitting by Jim all day, then going back to the hotel, blogging and then going to sleep only to get up in the morning and hope and pray that that day will be a good day... Some days my hopes and prayers helped, other days...not so much.

On a happy note, Jim has been making great strides lately! Whew, lets keep it that way please!

Here are a few pictures from last weekend. Jim was strong enough to squat down and clean "M" but the next day his legs were feeling it, buy hey, at least the car was clean! Ha ha!
Note: OBX t-shirt

Ok, I just have to say that Jim has not pumped gas in ummmmmm....not quite sure how long but it's been awhile!

Ahhh, the open road!
Me, all smiles!
He was smiling, really!.

So, we are beginning to enjoy life post-transplant!

This coming Wednesday we are going to Atlantic City, NJ. I am so excited! An old (young really) high school friend, that I haven't seen since then, won a hot dog eating contest. She won a 7 night stay at the Taj Mahal. She can only stay 5 nights and was so gracious to offer the other 2 nights to us!

"I can't wait to go for a run on the beach!" Denise
"I can't wait to walk on the boardwalk." Jim
"Yep, you can do that now!" Denise

Much love to Jim's donor and his family.

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