Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fighting and 'Festing

Things have been quiet lately health-wise. Jim's stomach is still bothering him when he eats and his weight is at 128 lbs. He is weak but working his way up to getting out and about more. Lungs?? They're doing great!


This weekend was our first official night out on the town. We went to see the Counting Crows on Friday and Norah Jones on Saturday at Musikfest.

Counting Crows

Jim was quite anxious on the first night out but everything went fine. The walk back from the concert this year was much different than last. Last year Jim had his oxygen and we had to stop several times for Jim to catch his breath and let people pass us by. THIS YEAR? No oxygen and he kept up with the crowd! He also walked up a huge hill that he was never able to walk for several years! One other thing that we both noticed Friday night when we got home was that he could go to bed right treatment!! I thought to myself that it stinks that he can't just go right to bed because he has to do a treatment, then treatment necessary! The little things...

"Who would have thought last year at this time we'd be sitting here like this?" Denise while waiting for the concert to start.
"Yep." Jim, after taking a nice deep breath and smiling.

"You already got lungs, don't you think that's enough for now?" Me after he told me he never gets anything while grocery shopping.
"Yea, I guess..." Jim

Please keep Cystic Gal in your thoughts. She had her transplant on July 27th and is having some complications.

Thank you donor and donor family for allowing us to enjoy our weekend the way we should!


  1. I've seen pictures of your pantry. I think he gets plenty from the grocery store. Lol. It's so great to hear about all of the firsts! Keep them coming!!

  2. Too bad about the stomach probs still. . . but CONGRATS on the concert, walking, no O2, no treatments, no stopping to rest, keeping up, breathing, and climbing up that hill!

    I have probably told you this before but I had stomach issues for the first 4 months or so. . .when I was released from the hospital I struggled with throwing up A LOT after I would eat! I hope it gets better, so you can enjoy the FULL BENEFITS of post transplant life!