Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Climbing Hills and Showing Off

We enjoyed a few more nights at Musikfest last weekend and Jim did fine. On Sunday, the last night of the 'fest, there was a huge firework display. We stood on the hill (yes, that's right...the hill) to watch them; Jim has been doing well with hills lately. We started walking up one of them and I stopped to look for him; I didn't see him anywhere until I looked up. He was already standing at the top of the hill looking down at me with the look of "Come on, lets go" on his face. Jeez...what a show off! So Musikfest ended with a bang of fireworks and Jim being a show off.

Last Sunday we also enjoyed a nice cup of Starbucks with Barb, a member of "Team Sheldon".

Yesterday we went to HUP to visit with the transplant team. Jim went through his routine. CXR first, PFT's and then meet with the transplant coordinator and Dr. H. It looks like things are headed in the right direction.
His CXR was much better than the last. The lower right lobe is expanding, his stomach looks much better and his PFT's are climbing. He's FEV1 is currently at 70% of predicted and should go up from there! Prior to transplant he was at his all time low of 24%.

His weight is continuing to increase and is currently 140. The transplant coordinator told him he looks a little more "meatier".
Last week Jim's Prograf level was "undetected" which had both of us baffled. Yesterday his level came back as 6.2 so they increased it to 3.5 mgs. His next bronch is scheduled for 9/3, the day before our 17 year wedding anniversary. The bronch will tell us if there is any sign of rejection.

If you have a chance please stop at Luke Maeding's blog and send him an e-card. He is at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and is from Nazareth, PA. Luke has children's intersistal lung disease and had a double lung transplant this past Saturday. Here is an article that was in our local paper about him.

"You have hair??!!" this is what the transplant coordinator said while Jim was in the middle of telling her how he was doing.
"Sorry, back to the important stuff." coordinator after realizing she got off track.

"I'm so happy! Are you happy?" transplant coord after hearing how Jim is doing.


  1. I'm so happy too! I've never even met you, but after following along with your ups and downs, I have a smile on my face reading about you climbing hills and gaining weight.
    What a wonderful anniversary gift it will be for you both for those pristine lungs to be rejection free!

    ps Denise, I finally posted pictures of the table.

  2. Wow...the pictures say it all! Go Sheldon!

  3. YAY!!! LOVE this happy news. Show off all you want! Denise, you did run your first marathon, major accomplishment, but he can have this hill climb to trump you ;) xoxo
    Can't wait for another Team Sheldon event. Jim, you and Team Sheldon have not been far from my mind at all on this trip!

  4. Autum - I saw the pictures and I looks awesome!!!
    Barb - Gotta love the look on his face
    HJ - When you get home we'll have to get Team Sheldon back together!

  5. Oh, HJ: don't give me that much credit. It was a 5k. ;)