Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yep, we're doing ok!

Well, I’ve had a few people asking why the blog has not been updated lately. To tell you the truth, I’m trying to stay focused on Jim, the house, work and prepare for my 5k that is on Saturday. Please, feel free to leave comments, email or whatever, I love reading all of the comments from everyone and we both check the blog daily for them! Right now blogging isn’t of extreme importance since Jim has been stable. He got out of the hospital on Sunday, July 25rd. He is still weak and his stomach bothers him a bit but everything has been staying down. His new lungs are doing terrific; we just need to get the stomach back on track. It has been getting a little better every day. His spirits are down because he is not where he wants to be in the healing process. His last 2 hospitalizations really took a lot out of him. He has lost weight but it will come back in time.

One of our blogging friends had her transplant on Tuesday and is doing well. Congrats to Cystic Gal! She is the last out of the core group of bloggers that Jim has been in contact with. First there was Jess (April), then Jim (May), Piper (June) and now Cystic Gal (July).

In ER at HUP
Secluded room in ER

Discharged 7/25/10

Quote: I look like an Ethiopian


  1. No lungs no peace! I know how hard it is not meeting my own goals after tx, hang in there Jim!

  2. People tell me I look like an Ethopian all the time. You're in good company, Sheldon. ;) The weight will come back.