Saturday, July 17, 2010


I still feel like I have to post even though Amanda summed it up. You'd think I'd take a break...

So here are some random text updates that I sent to friends and family today:

10:00 am
Jim, Amanda and I had a good night. No liquids for complete bowel rest. He got PPN (partial nutrition) last night. Doc's are trying to get the Canadian (Domperidone) drug from Texas. His belly is bothering him and mine is too.

10:40 am
You take care of yourself & the Drs will take care of Jim.

12:00 pm
Going for a walk. Finding it a bit harder to keep up with speedy!

12:30 pm
Hope he gets past this quickly

3:00 pm
His chart probably has a warning about the wife being a pain in the ass. Oh well, I'm making them work for their pay!

4:30 pm
Aww he looks good
4:30 pm
Yea, not so much now though. :( *sigh*

5:00 pm
They just took some abdominal X-rays again because he started with waves of pain and nausea. Weekends at a hospital are very unproductive...
They have orders in for a barium swallow and gastric emptying study but they won't be done until Monday. He's still having anxiety issues and they are giving him Adavan for that. They also said the Adavan can help with his stomach pain. He is finally sleeping after the last dose of Adavan. Nevermind...the damn nurse just woke him!

5:00 pm
My stomach is in knots so I started a semi-liquid diet. I did get a good run in at the hotel gym which helped alleviate some stress!

5:30 pm
Yes, wait and wait. The anxiety isn't as bad as it was when he was hospitalized for the tx but at least we know the Adavan is doing double duty. I also mentioned to the doc that the bouts of anxiety can also be a reason for the sudden stomach pain. I think Jim just wants attention.

5:45 pm
Put a do not disturb sign on his door. tell him i said to RELAX!!!

7:30 pm
yesterday me n uncle jim were walking and he looked at me and said i did this mostly for you.. so i can see you grow up and accomplish many things.. it brought tears to my eyes!

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