Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun!

So, this is how my weekend has been going so far...

I went to see Kid Rock and Bon Jovi Friday night. I debated back and forth many times of whether I should go or not because Jim had just been listed at Penn a month before. In the end I said "Screw it, I'm going and if we get the call while I'm there I'll leave and meet him at Penn". I knew that I'd constantly be checking my phone and wonder if the call would come while I was there but knew I still needed to live life in the "well-world". Who would have known that less than a month after I ordered the tickets, we would have gotten THE CALL?! So, here are some pictures of me and my friend at the concert and some photos of the boys:

Kid Rock is one amazing artist!!

And, we were trying different things we were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whisky out the bottle not thinking bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

Bon Jovi always puts a smile on my face! :)

Look at that smile!

I woke up Saturday morning....ummm, Saturday afternoon and Jim told me he ate oatmeal (just one serving this time). My first thought was "Man I hope he keeps it down." Thankfully, it did! His stomach is still bothering him but his weight is up to 140!
We got out again today and walked around the outdoor shops in Center Valley. The temperature was perfect! There were plenty of sales too. I got a windbreaker with a hood for running in the rain. We walked around for about an hour then headed to KFC for some mashed potatoes for Jim and dinner for me.
Today was the first day that Jim has been able to take a shower without needing a chair to sit on after he was done. Just the little things...
Interestingly enough, we just remembered today that this song was on the radio on the way to Penn when we got THE CALL. If you listen or read the lyrics, it is quite appropriate.

Just Breathe, Pearl Jam

"Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh
I’m a lucky man to count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one,
Others they got none, aw huh
Stay with me
Let’s just breathe.
Practiced are my sins,
Never gonna let me win, aw huh
Under everything, just another human being, aw huh
Yeh, I don’t wanna hurt, there’s so much in this world
To make me bleed.
Stay with me
You’re all I see.
Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
As I come clean
I wonder everyday
as I look upon your face, aw huh
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take, aw huh
Nothing you would take
Everything you gave
Did I say that I need you?
Oh, Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see

No one know this more than me.
As I come clean
Nothing you would take everything you gave.
Hold me till I die
Meet you on the other side"

Needless to say, I've been having a GREAT weekend!!!!


  1. Good for you!!!! It's about time!!!! Enjoy it!!!! :))

  2. One step at a time, James! Glad you got to experience that concert Denise!

  3. Great blog. Just filled with so many "little things." Love that Pearl Jam song! Brought a tear to my eye reading the lyrics and hearing it in a different context.

  4. Nothing better than a Kid Rock concert....nothing...right Jim ????