Friday, July 16, 2010

PICC line, GI doc's, Puking and Stuff

Last night was not a good night for Jim. He took the Prograf, a sip of water and then puked. The rest of the night he was out of sorts.

His Prograf level dropped down to 4.7 so they increased his dosage to 3.5 mgs. It's does not surprise me. Although he takes it sub-lingual, he still has to take a sip of water to rinse the rest of it down. I hate math but can say without a doubt that: sipping water + puking = low Prograf level.

And Just when I thought we'd get a long break or never even see one again, a PICC line decided to make an appearance today. Major bummer! Since Jim has been here they have stuck him for an IV at least 7 times, (about 3 of them were complete misses from the get go) so the PICC line does makes sense in addition to the fact that they are going to start him on TPN. His weight is now down to 133 lbs., not good considering he's 5'9". It does not help that he has been vomiting for the past 2 days. He cannot even keep sips of water down.

He did a few laps around the floor today to keep the pristine (still one of my favorite words) new lungs pumping strong!

The GI team came in today and after speaking with us they will be making recommendations to the transplant team. From what I took of the conversation with the GI peeps, the transplant team is consulted for everything. They are recommending that Jim get a barium test, and something else that completely slipped my mind.

Other options if they can't get anywhere are:
Botox injection to a portion of the stomach, done via endoscopy (weird, I know) or;

Oh, we also found out that Reglan has a BBW on it. Great...that's one of the meds they have Jim on. The GI doc's are going to recommend that it be discontinued.

Don't know how much will be done with the weekend being here. I'm not foreseeing us busting out of here until, at the earliest, Monday. :(

Well..he has his new lungs...
We are extremely grateful for that, but it would be much more easier to appreciate them if the belly issues would just go away!

Please, when you renew your license take a moment and consider being an organ donor or you can do it on line!

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