Friday, July 2, 2010

Oatmeal and a sparkling clean bathroom floor

The bronch went smoothly. The lungs look good except for a spot in the upper airways which Dr. H thinks is coming from his sinuses. It is possible that it is pseudomonas and it will have to be treated it with antibiotics. Just so you know, this is something that can happen to a non-CFer but will not always grow into pseudomonas. Most CFers have it in their nose and lungs so the chance of it being pseudomonas is much greater (hopefully that makes sense). There were 12 biopsies taken and we will get the results of them next Tuesday. They look for lymphocytes as signs for rejection.

Now, on to the oatmeal story...
Jim's stomach is still messed up because of the gastroparesis but he though he'd try eating some oatmeal because you can only eat applesauce, yogurt, eggs (only allowed 3 yolks per week) and mashed potatoes for so long; take it from a Crohn's person, it gets old! He was fine for awhile, my niece stopped by and we talked for a little and then went outside to sit for a bit. When Amanda and I went back in the house Jim was walking out of the bathroom. Needless to say, the oatmeal was a bad decision but hey, he tried and the bathroom floor is now sparkling clean! ;)

We bought this t-shirt from a fellow friend and CF blogger. She received her transplant a little over a week after Jim. **This picture is for you Piper!**

We came home to a huge plate full of muffins, cinnamon buns and strudels! Thanks for putting the caveat on the tag that Jim has to share with me! I'll be having one of those cinnamon buns with a cup of coffee in about 9 hours!

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  1. I like mixing oatmeal and honey for my facial mask. My face skin looks clearer now. Feeling love this powder.