Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Half Full

Hanging out waiting to meet with Dr. H.

Yes, there is a smile under that mask!

We met with Dr. H this afternoon. The path results from the bronch are not back yet so we do not know if there are any rejection issues. The doctor did say that he is growing MRSA and pseudomonas in his upper airways so they are treating it as a precaution with an antibiotic called Colymycin that will be inhaled twice a day for 2 weeks (only 15 minutes). They are increasing the Bactrium. Both of those together should kick MRSA and pseudomonas' butt!

They decreased the Lopressor to 25 mgs and his Prograf dosage will remain the same. Current Prograf level is 8.3.

His CXR looks about the same but over time they can see that the PGD is clearing.

If there are no indications of rejection they will decrease the Prednisone to 15 mgs. If there are, they will adjust his immunosuppressant meds. Dr. H said that if there is rejection he thinks it would be a very mild form but also added that nothing is 100%.

"Half Full" Life is Good shirt.

Some PFT results. Getting better each time!


  1. Going from 1 to 3L must feel amazing! Keep it up.

  2. That is amazing - like watching a miracle :) So happy for you!