Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dx: Opioid-induced Gastroparesis & Constipation

Jim was able to keep is bland lunch down so we busted out today. The narcotics made Jim constipated and caused things to "back up". So, no more oxycodone for Jim. Most of his other meds remain the same. They stopped Norvasc (for blood pressure), Reglan (BBW) and Colistin (inhaled nebulizer prescribed after his last bronch). His Prograf level is now stable at 8.7 with 3mgs. Based on this diagnosis, we (after all the trouble) will not be ordering the Domperadone.

His body is sore and we think most of that is contributed to the hospital bed (not so comfy). He slept in the reclining chair last night and felt better this morning.

Our next step it to continue to advance his diet and get some weight on him. He was 132 lbs yesterday. He also has to start working out again to get those nice new PRISTINE (yep, said it again) lungs in tip top shape. From there, who knows?!

Some pictures:

Jim "I want to go to Vegas."
Denise "I'm there!"

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  1. Love the quote! I think Team Sheldon should go to Vegas. Let's bet on Sheldon to win. Maybe next year for Comic Con if BBT cast is there again.