Sunday, July 4, 2010


It was a good day! We went to my brothers house today for a picnic. It felt nice getting out again. Man, it was a hot one! I hung out by the pool for a bit and Jim stayed in the AC and relaxed. Jim's lungs feel good. He can go in and out of the hot/cold without hesitation!

He was cleared to drive when we went to Penn on Friday and today he decided to try it out out. So, here he is...his first time driving with his new windbags! No, he didn't take "M" out. That would have been a bit too much for 6 weeks post tx! He has been eyeing it up since he was discharged from the hospital though.

I found a text on my phone that I got from a friend on May 18, the day before Jim received his transplant. It reads:
"How ironic! God has seen you struggling (with something).
God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way..."

My reply to the message was:
"Oh I hope that blessing is coming my way soon!..."

Yes, that is ironic. 22 hours later, Jim was in surgery!

"Every day is a good day, it's just finding the good in it." Jim's reply after I said "Today is a good day."


  1. Doesn't it feel amazing to drive again?!

  2. It's great to get back the things that have been taken away for sure. I do feel it pull in my chest though, I had my sternum cut so it's not a surprise. It's going to be near 100 here this week, so too hot to even take the convertible M out with the top down even if my body could handle the motion.