Monday, July 19, 2010

Domperidone Workaround & The FDA

The stomach emptying study went well. Thankfully, he was able to keep the eggs down. They looked like the typical hospital eggs (yuck!) and tasted the same. The test took an hour and a half. He ate the eggs and every fifteen minutes they took an xray. We were told that his stomach is emptying normally. That's a good thing, but what is it then????

Trying to making a long annoying story short:
We were told a few days ago that the Domperidone (med from Canada) should be received soon and that is was actually being filled at a pharmacy in TX. Today we found out that no one ordered the medication. A resident came in to tell us that if we want to use it we would need a script sent to the pharmacy and have it mailed to the hotel I am staying at. So, I had the doc fax the script to the pharmacy. I went to confirm that everything was faxed and was told that the hospital is not willing to dispense a non FDA approved drug while Jim is hospitalized there. Apparently no one knew this until the fax was being sent through the pharmacy at the hospital; I find that hard to believe and I had an extended debate with one of the doc's and the resident about it. So, Jim and I are going to work around the issue. We already have a script for Domperidone at home that was given to us when he was released from the hospital in May. My dad faxed it to the TX pharmacy (thanks dad) and hopefully we will have it by Wednesday.

We told the resident that OUR plan is to start Jim on liquids and work up to solids and asked him to address it with the attending doc.

"I'm leaving tomorrow!". He's not but we're working to get things moving along faster.


  1. Denise,
    If they won't mail it let me know and I will run over and pick it up and I will.
    Love & Prayers,
    Uncle John

  2. Thanks so much for the offer, Uncle John! They will mail it; we just have to wait for it to be processed and shipped. We're getting it shipped overnight.