Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bronch Tomorrow

Jim was extremely wiped out today from PT and RT. He looked so sad and frail. I really wish I could do more to make him stronger. It doesn't help that he is not eating well. I made him some eggs and an English Muffin this evening and it made me feel better knowing that he got more nutrition in him. His stomach was really bothering him but the eggs and muffin seemed to go OK.

We'll be back in Philly tomorrow for his bronchoscopy. I am not sure if they plan on doing any biopsies. This will be his 2nd bronch. He had the first one when he was still hospitalized in early June. I found out the results not long after the procedure was complete so I'm assuming that we will know tomorrow if there are any signs of rejection (I hate that word!).

Here's hoping the bronch results show that the lungs are "Pristine"!

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