Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Walk/Run

Today I completed my first 5k. The weather was perfect! It took me over an hour and I was 2nd from last but, I finished! Since I am NOT a competitive person, I will be doing these for fun and charity. Thank you to all my friends and family that have cheered me on today!

My next race will be the Christmas City Classic 5 Miler on December 11th; then I will be doing the Dash for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness in Philadelphia sometime next year.

I had a nice nap after the race and then went out for dinner with some great friends from high school. After dinner we decided to walk around town, that's when I really started to feel some weakness and pain in my legs but, it was good pain; a pain reminding me that I accomplished something that I never thought I'd ever do.

Jim has been feeling really crappy all day. He is having a lot of stomach pain, mostly after he eats. It only seems to go away when he is laying down. He has been hugging his heating pad all day long. The positive part is that things are staying down, moving around and his lungs are still treating him well. This stomach issue seems to be something that a lot of post-transplant people seem to get but in time goes away...lets hope so!